I have 7 Natural DETOX Secrets that don't involve a food plan or exercise and can be done in just 1 minute.

These are so simple, yet effective that you are going to want to start doing them as you read this.  You want to see all 14 secrets, then click here.

The overall secret to this detox is to MOVE and just take one simple detox secret a day and do it.  By taking action with each MOVE you make, you will build momentum and that momentum will fuel your motivation and that motivation will MOVE you even faster towards achieving your health goals of this year.

I'm overdue for a detox, so I will be by your side doing these Detox Secret Tips with you.
So let's MOVE together for the next 7 days.

I'll be by your side but you are welcome to do these Detox Secrets at your own pace.  Do 1 detox tip a day and then add another one the next day. Feeling confident to do more, then GO FOR IT!  The more of these secret tips you do, the more detox benefits you will have.

These tips were designed for you so that you could do all 7 in one day if you want to.

And, if you get stuck on only doing 1 detox tip, that is just fine too.  Celebrate that you are doing at least 1 healthy detoxing tip that is helping your body 10 times more than if you weren't doing that 1 thing at all.

Being too hard on yourself for not doing all 7 days of detox is just going to make you “re-tox” and not detox. Your negative thoughts bring in more toxins to your brain and your body that puts you in a worse condition than you were before you started.  So, please do not be hard on yourself.  Your negative thoughts are more toxic than you may realize.

Positive thinking is not only detoxing but it fuels your momentum to DO MORE GOOD for yourself and your health.

Your positive thoughts and your ability to “Shake it off” (Love that Taylor Swift song) actually produces a happy hormone, serotonin, in your brain that not only makes you happier, less anxious or depressed, but it actually affects your gut too.  Your gut health affects your brain, body and beauty and these 7 Days of Detox will give you healthy results to boost your brain, body and beauty.

7 Days of 1 Minute Detox Tips:

Day 1: Wake, Feet, Floor, Thanks!

As soon as you wake up and your feet hit the floor, FREEZE!  It's Detox Time.

Your body has been naturally detoxing throughout the night and it's time for you to take just 1 minute to help your body detox even more.

As soon as you wake and your feet hit the floor give THANKS!  Say 3 things you are grateful for that morning.

When you repeat this Day 1 Detox Secret, think of 3 different things each morning and connect with the feeling and emotion that you are grateful for.  This will energize you and put you in a positive state right when you wake and helps you live at a higher vibrational frequency which aids in detoxification.

Behavior Trigger: Note that your feet hitting the floor is your behavior trigger to help you remember to do this Day 1 Detox Secret.  No matter if you are home, traveling or visiting family, your trigger is to do this when your feet hit the floor.
Behavior triggers are important to set as reminders to do the things you want to do.

Day 2: Rinse, Drink, Repeat!

“Rinse your mouth out with water first thing in the morning. When you get up in the morning – rinse your mouth out and spit. Most people breathe through their mouths when they sleep, so they collect dust, germs, etc…. Rinsing and spitting clears this accumulation before you ingest it” says Paul Chek, an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology.

You are already at the sink each morning so after you rinse your mouth, go ahead and drink 16 ounces of filtered water.  Your body works hard each night to naturally detox and repair the cells in your body.  Don't keep these toxins trapped, flush them out with water.  As a bonus, thes 16 ounces of water will start boosting your metabolism for the day!

Avoid using a plastic water bottle which will just make you ingest more toxins.

Behavior Trigger: Put a glass or stainless steel water bottle next to your sink.  One of my favorite waters to drink is Mineral Springs Water that already comes in a glass bottle by your sink so it triggers your behavior to drink the water.

Day 3. Mantra, Mantra, Mantra!

Saying a mantra is a quick form of meditation that helps you detox your mind, body and spirit.
Meditation, even for a minute, has been scientifically proven to repair cells in your body.  Deepak Chopra mentioned these studies when I saw him at this visit.

For your mantra, write out a simple or a very descriptive sentence depending on what you need right now like more energy, less stress, more confidence, more motivation, etc… for example,  “I am confident and strong on the inside and out every single day.”

Slowly repeat that mantra now.  It's hard not to smile or stand a little taller when you read and repeat this mantra to yourself.

Every time you say your mantra and repeat it for a minute you will gain more connection and confidence with the meaning and feelings that come to you from the words in your mantra.

You don't have to create your own mantra.  You may use this one or others from sites like Mind Body Green.

“I feel vibrantly alive when I …
Your mantra can also include activities that fire up your blood and make you feel like anything is possible.  You want to list the things that make you feel strong, clear, and on fire for life.

Tango? Zumba? Cross Fit?

Whatever it is, remind yourself of this powerful tool and use it as often as you can (read: daily or 4-5 times a week).”

I told you that you wouldn't need to exercise to detox right now, but connecting with the emotional feelings you get from exercise can help you detox and will lure you into wanting to exercise.

Behavior Trigger: Write your mantra on a post-it note and put it on your bathroom mirror or on your fridge.  Having your mantra in a highly visible place will trigger you to read it, repeat it and believe it!

Day 4: Sit, Pause, Say Grace!

Take a moment to actually sit down at every meal and say grace/give thanks for your food.

Taking a moment to stop before you eat will get you in a more mindful state of eating.  Mindfulness Eating Strategies not only help you digest your food better, but also is scientifically proven to help with weight loss and detox. Dr. Susan Albers writes about mindful eating it in her book and on her website here.

Behavior Trigger: Sit and look at your plate.  Before picking up your fork, Say Grace/give thanks.

Day 5. Drink less with food!

Stop drinking water 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after meals and sip on 8 ounces of water or less with meals to aid in digestion and detoxification.  You want to avoid flooding your digestive enzymes and stomach acids at mealtime that will make it harder for you to breakdown your food.

And when you chew your food enough times, you will produce enough saliva not to make you really thirsty.

Behavior Trigger: Use a smaller juice glass with meals to trigger drinking less water

Day 6: Chew your food 20x!

Chew your food at least 20 times.  When you chew, you digest your food better and absorb the nutrients better.  Chewing also helps with weight loss because it takes your stomach 20 minutes to signal to your brain that you are full.  The more you chew your food, the slower you eat and the sooner you will realize you are actually full and will naturally eat less.

Behavior Trigger:  Pause to look at each piece of food before you put it into your mouth to trigger slow chewing.

Day 7. Red Light Breathing

As a chauffeur… oops! I mean as a Mommy, you are always driving around town.  So, when at a red light take in big deep breaths from your belly and not from your chest.

Breathing can cause more stress on the body if you are breathing from your chest but if you take the time to breathe in more from your belly/diaphragm, you can fill up with energizing air and release toxins every time you breathe out.

The BONUS is that this Red Light Breathing is also a meditation.  Check out Gabrielle Bernstein's 1 minute meditation example on her Backpack Meditation Video here and Miracles Now book described here has more SIMPLE meditations.

Behavior Trigger: Stop at a red light and start breathing and counting.  Breathe in and count 1, 2, 3 and breathe out counting 3, 2, 1 and repeat until your light turns green.

Those are my 7 Days of 1 minute Detox Secrets for YOU.  Remember, do 1 minute a day or longer and do more than one detox secret a day if needed.

There are 7 more Secrets awaiting you when you click here and subscribe to receive them via email.


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Part of Transformational Nutrition is calming yourself.  Join the Calm Mom Detox Challenge, a 14-day challenge to be a Calm Mom with 1-minute habits that don't require food or exercise.  

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