We all want to look like Joanie and Chachi

Many of you remember watching Happy Day’s on TV.

Weren’t those actors on Happy Days in their twenties but they were playing teenagers and we believed them? No Fair!

But wait, let’s back it up some… Didn’t Chachi look like he was 12 years old???!!! Again, no fair!

Well, we too can “Rock Around the Aging Clock” and look younger. Here’s a few simple anti-aging techniques that we all can do to look younger so that others wonder whether it's “Good genes or good docs?“:

 7 Simple timely tips to “Rock around the Aging Clock”

 1:00 – Drink more water

Drink up! Drink half of your body weight in ounces to help detoxify and cleanse your body

2:00 – Sleep 7 to 9 hours a night

Remember, it’s called “Beauty Sleep” for just that reason!

3:00 – Rock!/Exercise

Remember how those poodle skirts twirled and the saddle shoes hopped to the tunes of the jukebox in almost every episode of Happy Days? Take your choice and rock to your favorite form of exercise for 30 minutes, 5 days a week.

5:00 – Eat real food

We never saw Joanie eating 100 calorie snack packs. Mrs. C was often wearing an apron and cooked real food for dinner. If we stay away from processed food and switch to nutrient dense “real food”, we can better nourish and take care of our bodies. 100 calorie snack packs and all processed food only ages us!  If you are experiencing gluten sensitivity symptoms, then click on to our gluten resource page to for tips on how to address those symptoms.

6:00 – Supplement

Take a multivitamin as an extra little insurance and help get the nutrients our bodies need to be vibrant and young

7:00 – Rock!/Knock these out

Rock these things off your clock by ditching the caffeine, sugar and alcohol that ages us. These things are too hard and draining on our bodies which speeds up our aging clock

Rock around the clock and turn back your aging clock or least slow down that ever moving aging clock by following these 7 simple timely tips.

Remember, these younger looking days can be “yours and my happy days”!

And just for kicks, here’s the link to the Happy Day’s theme song so you can see these “young looking” actors for yourself.

Please comment below any additional tips you would recommend.

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