What will you eat this Superbowl Sunday?

It's that time of year again…It's SUPERBOWL Weekend!

Did you know that food consumption on Superbowl Weekend in the US is greater than on Thanksgiving day!  The food consuption on this annual celebration has reached mind-boggling levels.  Check out the following incredible statistics of what we are estimated to eat on Superbowl Sunday:

  • 1.25 bil chicken wings will be consumed – that's 4 wings for every person living in the US to eat
  • 80 mil pounds of avocados will be powered down
  • 325 mil gallons of beer will be downed
  • 11 mil pounds of chips will be chomped
  • 11 mil pizzas will be delivered by Domino's Pizza
  • 3.8 mil pounds of popcorn will be stuffed into mouths
  • 30 mil pounds of goodies and other delectables will be eaten during the game

If that's not staggering, then I don't know what is!

Follow these 8 tips to avoid the Monday-After-Superbowl Blues!

If you plan on going to a Superbowl party, be prepared to see a feast of food, snacks, sodas, and alcohol.  There will be plenty for you to eat and drink.

Within reason, have what you want, and drink what you want.  As long as you don't experience specific food intolerance, you should be okay to enjoy.  But , if you follow the 8 tips below, you shouldn't experience any downside the next day.  Consider it a challenge!

Below are the tips to get you through a healthy and non-regretful Superbowl Sunday:

1. Drink 8-12oz water for every bottle or glass of alcohol

Drinking water will help keep you full as well as flush away any toxins from the food and alcohol.

2.  Layoff the Popcorn since almost all is GMO

90% of ALL corn grown in the US market is of GMO crops (genetically engineered) according to the Dept of AgricultureNOT good for you at all!  If you can do without it, skip the popcorn and opt for another available option.

3.  If beer is your choice, then drink Gluten-free beer

There used to be a time when Gluten-free beer was horrible!  That's not so anymore.  some of it is actually pretty good.  It's likely that your host may not have any, so bring a pack with you and share.  Your friends will love you and think you're the bomb! 🙂  Omission Lager and Bard's Sorgham Malt Beer are my two favorite gluten-free beers.

4. Drink straight spirits such as vodka, gin, tequila or whiskey instead.

These options have the least amount of toxic byproducts from the fermentation process.  If you need to soften the flavor, the add lots of lime or lemon.  Do NOT add sweetener as that will cause an unnecessary sugar spike.

5.  Take 1 vitamin C capsule for every alcohol drink you consume

Taking vitamin C will block the conversion of alcohol into aldehyde which is the most hangover-causing metabolite and also causes very fast aging.  Thanks to Bulletproof Exec for the very cool infographic on bulletproofing your alcohol.

6.  Fill up on the avocados or guacamole

Are avocados healthy?  Yes they are – Not all fats are bad fats.  Avocados, in particular, are really good for you due to their high and valuable content of fat (monounsaturated), fiber (75% is insoluble fiber which helps to clear out your bowels) and vitamins (B, E and K).  Plus, not only is avocado healthy, but it tends to fill you help, so it will keep you from grazing towards the less-than-optimal choices.

7.  Attack the veggie tray

If there's a veggie tray at the party, then challenge yourself to be the one to eat the most of the tray.  And, to be sure there is a veggie tray at the party, why not bring one yourself to share!  That being said, DO make sure to skip the dip and opt for the guacamole instead.

8.  Skip the pizza and choose the burger instead

Based on the statistics above, chances are high that there will be pizza at the party.  Hopefully, there will be burgers as well.  If so, opt for the burgers (preferably lettuce-wrapped or at least without the bun).  This will give you a fighting chance to lessen the intake of any potential wheat or gluten sensitivity symptoms.

This Superbowl, I hope you take my challenge to tackle it head on!  Enjoy the game!

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