“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”  – Hippocrates

Fresh greens can be used as medicine!

I say this because I completely agree with the quote above of a Greek Scientist, Hippocrates, Born in 460 BC.  Hmmm… he had it right A LONG time ago.  But, it is never too late for you or your family to eat more veggies!

Green foods including Fruits and Vegetables are the healthiest foods. They contain vitamins and minerals that are powered with antioxidants and cleansing minerals to help boost energy, boost your immune system, are anti-inflammatory to help feel better and stay that way.  They are even anti-aging to help you look better!

What is better than using green foods and superfoods as natural God-given medicine?

Vegetables for Detox and Cleansing

Today, in our polluted conventional farming practices with GMO crops (Genetically Modified Organism) and sprayed pesticides, we need to focus on eating organic green foods whenever possible and detox and cleanse as much as possible.

Eat organic in order to get the most vitamins and nutrients out of your food so that it works like medicine and not a slow form of poison. Think about this, if you eat polluted food, you are just polluting your body and making it more toxic.

Unfortunately, organic food is a little more expensive than conventional foods.  And I dream of the day when all food is organic just as our great-grandparent's food was all organic before pesticides and GMO's were introduced and food had to be labeled as organic or not.

But, even though an organic apple is more expensive than a conventional apple, in the long run you WILL save money… lots of money!  And you will be saving on aches and pains and doctor bills too.

Plus, when you switch over from expensive processed food, or the common Standard American Diet, to eating more organic greens and vegetables, you'll be shocked to find out that your receipts will actually show that you can start saving money today.

Do you want to know the secret and my easy “How to Tips”?

Get your family to eat more greens and save money at the same time!

8 Ways to Save Money on Greens

To save money while shopping for the best and healthiest foods for your family

1. Buy seasonal and local

– This is taking advantage of the natural abundance that mother earth provides during each season. Prices are lower due to the larger supply and the lower and less freight/transportation fees. Green Foods and superfoods are more nutrient dense because they are picked when they are ripe and do not need to travel far.  So they are fresh and taste the best!

2. Buy from a Farmers market and make friends with your farmer

– Farmers Markets are in many cities throughout the US. I like to shop multiple farmers markets so I use the localharvest website to find local farmers market. Making friends with your farmer can also help. Why?, because while asking questions and showing genuine interest for a farmer’s passion, it can graciously lead to free samples, bonus goodies and/or discounts. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Our children, here in Southern California, will bond with our farmers by speaking Spanish with them as most farmers and/or farm hands in our area speak Spanish. Talking to the farmers who grow it will help kids make connections between the food they eat and where it comes from. And no, you don't need to speak another language to make friends with your local farmers.

Just going to the farmers market is my quick trick to get back on track and eat more veggies because there are no expensive boxed foods there to tempt me into spending more money.  And the fresh colors of the veggies and the samples are a great temptation to give into.

Having your kids try the samples and letting them pick what they want to buy gives them that much needed “control” and they “buy into” eating healthier because they were involved in the process and had a say in it!  You gotta try this with your kids!

3. Join a CSA Community Supported Agriculture

– This is a subscription service where you receive a box filled with seasonal and local food on a regular basis. This can be done weekly, monthly, or almost as little or as much as you would like. CSA’s can be picked up or delivered to your home. Your local CSA can also be found on localharvest website.

This is particularly fun because a CSA box is a surprise “medicine” box that can bring excitement in the anticipation and surprise of not knowing what your box will contain. This surprise CSA “medicine” box can lead to new adventures in discovery, tasting and cooking.

4. Buy frozen green vegetables

– Frozen vegetables are often less expensive and the process of flash freezing helps maintain the food’s vitamins and minerals

5. Buy in bulk

– Superfoods, which are packaged, can be less expensive when buying from a bulk bin, bulk packaging, or on a subscription basis from places like Amazon and Vitacost. Also, large membership warehouse stores such as Costco have less expensive bulk fresh, frozen and packaged green foods and super foods.  Costco is always a reliable back-up money saving plan for our family.

And one of our latest and greatest places to shop is Thrive Market because this store is like a Whole Foods and Costco Prices with Amazon's quick shipping and great customer service.  You gotta give this one a try because when you do, you save money and you can feed a hungry family in need at the same time with Thrive Market's give-back program.

6. Buy generic and store brands

– These options are less expensive. Even specialty health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe'sSprouts Farmers Market all have organic store brands that are always less than any other organic brand they carry and are high quality foods.  The Whole Foods 365 brand is my favorite!

7. Use coupons

– Coupons can be found by googling organic food coupons. You can check these sites out  mambosprouts.com and organicdeals.com. Grocery stores will also have a weekly sales flyer which can be searched online by store.

8. Use reference tools

– Reference tools such as The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 (from the Environmental Working Group where they provide a new list every year) to see which foods contain more and less pesticides. This can determine which foods are considered a little safer to eat conventional in order for you to decide if you would like to save some money by not buying all organic

These top 8 money saving tips to purchasing a medicine cabinet of green foods and superfoods is always going to be less expensive than a medicine cabinet filled with medical prescriptions and over-the-counter medication.

Remember to focus on Hippocrates’ quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and you are practically guaranteed to save money.

 Share the wealth by sharing this money-saving, healthy-eating article with your friends and family!

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