Are you looking for a cocktail recipe for 5 de mayo or for any night that will taste light and refreshing without being loaded with sugar, or made with artificial syrups or colors?  Or, isn't like those “skinny” cocktails that are filled with artificial sweeteners?  

I have a recipe for you!  It’s actually one recipe that makes two totally different types of drinks…

My Tequila Detox Cocktail is a Cocktail by night and a Detox by day!

Here is the Cocktail Recipe for your 5 de mayo night and I’ll tell you how you can use this same recipe as a Detox drink for 6 de mayo or any day a little later in my post.

To download the recipe, click here.  A video demonstration is below:

You will need these basic bar tools: a basic cocktail shaker or this 5-piece cocktail shaker that is 73% off at the time of writing this article and a muddler.  

BONUS 2 for 1 Recipe:

Do you ever buy ingredients for a new recipe and always have left over ingredients and don’t know what to do with them?  Well, this 2 for 1 recipe solves that problem.

All you need to do for your 2nd recipe, is to make this Tequila Detox Cocktail without the tequila, add some water or sparkling water and “Salud!”

You just made an all natural REAL FOOD Detox Drink that you can drink on 6 de mayo or any morning thereafter.  

And as a DOUBLE BONUS:  You don’t even need to have all of the ingredients.  Use whatever left over ingredients you have to infuse your water and now you have a naturally refreshing drink that didn’t cost you a thing because that extra basil and cucumber or whatever you had left was probably going to go bad sitting in your fridge.

As always, try to use organic and fresh ingredients.  This will aid in the detox process.  You don’t want to be drinking in pesticides when you are trying to detox.  This drink is a detox because the lime, grapefruit, cucumber, basil and cayenne are ALL naturally detoxifying foods.

Note: This blog article was intended for fun!  Please be responsible when consuming alcohol.  We are also not fans of starving yourself and just doing juice detox cleanses as that is too hard on your body and can cause other problems.  Incorporating detoxifying real foods into your healthy lifestyle is where the permanent healthy change is at!

Salud (or Cheers)!!

Now, you're turn…

Give this recipe a try let us know in the comments below what you think.  Do you have a favorite detox drink of your own?  We would love to hear what it is.  Let us know below as well.

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