Our exclusive sneak peek of a secret recipe

Here it is, a Sneak Peek of  a SECRET not-yet-released raw food recipe that involves chocolate, is healthy for you and even healing, you can even eat this for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to get healthier!

You can boost your brain power, help heal your body and lose weight while eating this decadent chocolate dessert. Family for Health is the TMZ of Holistic Health and Wellness and is bringing to you the skinny on this yet-to-be released recipe that serves as a chocolate dessert and power food that will not disappoint!

You can make this SIMPLE 4 ingredient no bake, just raw, rich and decadent chocolate recipe in less than 5 minutes.  You can even make it 1 time and have it transform into 3 different recipes for you to eat 3 times a day to help transform your body and lead to greater health:

  1. Breakfast – as an extra thick and creamy chocolate smoothie, you can eat straight out of your Vitamix or blender;
  2. Lunch – as a rich chocolate pudding dessert that prevents that 3:00 PM Sugar Crash; and
  3. Dinner – as a decadent and gourmet crème brûlée dessert for which your guests will be so impressed and will die to get their hands on your secret recipe!

This SECRET recipe is from a soon-to-be-released cookbook from one of our local and favorite restaurants, 118° Degrees by Chef Jenny Ross and we are bringing it to you FIRST!  🙂

Chef Jenny Ross is the author Raw Basics and The Art of Raw Living Food.  Jenny is also the contributing Chef behind these books: The Daniel Plan,  Daniel Plan Cookbook and The Omni Diet.

We are happy to share this exclusive recipe for a Chocolate Chia Pudding straight from her new book in the video below!

But first, check out the 17+ health benefits that you get from eating this SIMPLE, HEALTHY and naturally Sugar Free chocolate recipe:

  1. Replenish your electrolytes – you can eat this post-workout or even NO-workout to help hydrate yourself
  2. Boost your vitamin intake
  3. Boost your mineral intake of potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium (and that's just from the chocolate/ raw cacao)
  4. Boost your antioxidant levels which can protect against cardiovascular disease, premature aging and some forms of cancer
  5. Pack 3+ super foods
  6. Boost your brain
  7. Boost your metabolism and burn fat
  8. Satiate your hunger longer
  9. Aid your digestion
  10. Heal your gut
  11. Gluten free
  12. Dairy Free
  13. Soy Free
  14. Non-GMO
  15. Raw Food
  16. Plant-Based
  17. Paleo

…and the list of health benefits can go on!

Jenny can also be found at one of her multiple 118° Degrees restaurants in Orange County, CA where she has cooking classes and home delivery meals.  Jenny's newest location is local to us at the historical and hip new spot Lemon Drop in The Anaheim Packing District very close to Disneyland which is another connection to our Hidden Mickey (another secret) Lucas found in our video.

Visit Jenny Ross' websites for a FREE GIFT of 10 favorite recipes to get you going in your raw foods kitchen, free video recipes and more information.

Watch the video below to see how simple it is to make this amazing recipe:

This is a secret you don't want to keep!

Chef Jenny Ross and Family For Health have leaked this never released recipe for you to get a sneak peek of her upcoming book.

So, it is healthy to spread this secret because by doing so, you are helping families and you are part of our family mission to “Pay It Forward in Health”. Share this link, post it on social media and feel good about spreading/sharing this secret with others that then YOU will be helping!  Also, please share in the comments below and let us know what you think?  And when you've you tried this recipe, let us know what you thought.

Enjoy this article?...Pay it Forward in Health!
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