This Summer, treat your kids to fun and healthy activities AND treat the community with a charitable donation for FREE!

You probably have had your kids do a Summer Reading Program at your local library, but how about a Summer Eating Program? A Healthy Summer Eating Program that encourages your children and family to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day so that local charities can be gifted $4,000!

Not only will you and your family be eating healthier by joining this challenge, but you can also be a part of a $4,000 charity donation without taking a single penny out of your pocket.

This Healthy Summer Eating Program is put on by one of our FAVORITE family restaurants, True Food Kitchen.  And when I say, it is one of our favorites, I mean it!  Though we live in Orange County, California, we've been to five out of eight of the True Foods Kitchen locations: Phoenix, San Diego, Santa Monica, Scottsdale and our local Newport Beach location.

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Such fans we are, that as “Family For Health Mommy”, I was at the Newport Beach location waiting for the doors to open for lunch on opening day, and have even taken a cooking class with Dr. Andrew Weil himself!  Now those are the types of events I wait in line for and those are the types of celebrity sightings that I think are TMZ-worthy!  Healthy Events with Health Revolutionaries working to change our world for the better!

Our kids are just as big of fans of True Food Kitchen. They often ask to eat at True Food Kitchen as their kids menu is so flavorful and delicious! Our daughter, Ella recently asked to celebrate her spiritual milestone of her First Holy Communion with her Godparents at True Food Kitchen, Newport Beach!  She pranced right in with her white dress and veil and was welcomed and honored by the staff for choosing to celebrate there.

Will you join Family For Health in this Challenge?

Here's How you can join alongside Family For Health in this challenge, click on the following link >> True Food Kitchen High Five True Kid Challenge Link:

This is where you and your family pledge to eat 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables.

What is one serving? Only 1/2 cup  – “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!”

And we recommend that you eat more vegetables than fruits as they have zero to low sugar for better metabolism boosting and fat-burning, just in case you parents desire for this to be a BONUS weight loss challenge.  I know I could use a little summer weight loss incentive as I'm not as beach ready as I would like to be.  (You can read our previous article here for more info on Real Food).

When you join this #TrueKidsChallenge, you will receive emails from True Foods Kitchen with lots of help along your 30 day challenge.  They will send you tips, recipes and a reward at the end of the challenge.

I can tell you the tips are simple and easy to apply and the recipes are also simple and delicious to eat, but I have no spoiler alert on the prize as we still have 10 days to go in the #TrueKidsChallenge.  You will also get a free download of a super cute and encouraging High Five Tracker that looks like a fun board game where your kids get to mark off each day of the challenge by cutting and pasting delicious looking fruits and veggies.

Why am I referring to this as the #TrueKidsChallenge?

I'm referring the Healthy Summer Eating Program because of the BONUS!  By using this hashtag, you can help donate $500 to a local charity in EACH True Food Kitchen Location.  Remember I said there are eight locations so that totals a $4,000 charitable donation that will not cost you a penny!

Here is how easy this charitable donation can be:

According to the Rules of the True Food Kitchen and their High Five True Kids Challenge,

“When you love eating healthy, you want to share it and we want to see it! Post your kids munching on their fruits and veggies on Instagram using the hashtag #TrueKidsChallenge. If we get 3,500 posts before August 31, 2014, we will donate $500 to a local charity in EACH True Food Kitchen location. #TrueKidsChallenge”.

Why wouldn't you want to join this Healthy Summer Eating Program #TrueKidsChallenge to eat healthier as a family and donate $4,000 to charity at the same time?!

Please Pay It Forward in Health and share this article with at least 3 friends or more to help spread this True Food Kitchen High Five True Kids Challenge!  And please comment and let us know if you are going to join and follow us on Instagram for inspiration for your #TrueKidsChallenge!

Enjoy this article?...Pay it Forward in Health!
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