It may not be Summer where you are, but this recipe is super-refreshing

What better way to end the Summer than with a bang than with this party trick AND healthy, delicious and refreshing drink!

This is a super simple way to make a delicious watermelon drink for the family. My family decided to create a dessert to give me a break this weekend and they came up with making this SWEET drink.

It's made with 1 SIMPLE and HEALTHY ingredient! – WATERMELON!

Despite the popular belief that watermelon is made up of only water and sugar, actually watermelon is considered as a nutrient dense fruit! It contains high amount of vitamins (that aid in digestion), antioxidants and electrolytes (6x's more than most sports drinks).

That's why Athletes' drink watermelon juice before a hard workout.  And it helps them reduce the muscle soreness they feel the next day.

Haven't you seen how popular watermelon water is getting?  It's even at Costco now and is competing with coconut water for the top spot as the best electrolyte replenishing drink.

Bottled watermelon water (see here) can be expensive, so make your own to reap it's health benefits plus you can entertain your family and friends with this cool party trick! You can even let your kid's help you make this and then they'll be more excited to try it, drink it and even like it!

Summer is the best time to  indulge with this sweet, juicy and refreshing fruit because they are in season.

So what are you waiting for… grab a watermelon before summer ends and make this quick and simple drink! All you need is a watermelon and a mixer.

Bonus tip: If you might be enjoying this as an adult beverage, you can add some vodka (potato based gluten-free vodka) or tequila to make this a Watermelon Cocktail! You'll avoid drinking those sugar loaded, high calorie, artificial colored mixes usually found at BBQ's. But, even though you'll be replenishing electrolytes with this watermelon cocktail, the alcohol defeats most of that so drink lots of water (At least a 1 to 3 ratio).

Watch this short video on how you can have a little fun with a watermelon during your next BBQ:

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