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Here's What Family For Health is all About

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Hi, I'm Michael Ortiz.  My wife, Elaine De Santos, and I founded Family For Health.  If you've ever asked yourself any of the following…

  • Why can't I lose that excess weight and fat from the holidays (or baby, or years of neglect)?
  • Why am I so tired all the time?
  • Why is my child so hyper active?
  • What can I pack in my kid's lunch bags so they're better prepared to learn?
  • How can I be more aware of the blessings that I have in my life, instead of focusing on what I don't have?
  • How do I become fitter and more muscular with fewer, yet more effective, workouts

Or, if you've ever just needed a bit of motivation by seeing how others have incorporated health into their lives…

…You're in the right place!

Here's How Family For Health can Help You Incorporate Health Choices

As a family having embarked upon on a health journey to address food allergies, obesity and general wellness, we've had to learn and implement a lot in order to get healthy!

How did we learn all of this?  Well, we became auto-didacts and have self-taught ourselves to rely on trusted advisors and mentors, prominent health and wellness experts on the web, and buried ourselves in books.  During the years, we have been able to dissect the enormous relevant data and information into bite-sized chunks of actionable items that even our young children have been able to apply and teach.

The structure in which we've created this website, explains exactly how we can help you incorporate health into your life and that of your family's.  It's quite simple:

  1. we “pay it forward” by sharing the baby steps that we've incorporated into our lives that are helping us to stay on track with our health journey;
  2. we break down complex health topics that are taught by experts and thought leaders into simple and effective nuggets of information that are actionable by anyone, including children; and
  3. we provide information and reviews of products, locations and events that are relevant to our pillars of health – food, fitness, faith and fun.

…So, come and join us on our journey as we “Pay It Forward” in health in our quest to impact and improve the lives and health of families all over the world!

Plato has been quoted as saying the following:

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.

It's like a 3-legged stool, without one of its legs, the stool will not stand.  In the case of our behaviors, a change to a positive behavior will not be possible without having a desire, a positive emotion AND having the knowledge as to how to effect the positive behavioral change! I was “scared” into the desire to become healthier and fitter.  I had the emotion.  But I didn't have the knowledge.  So I learned it!  And, along the way, I tapped into others who mentored and educated me to be smarter while embarking upon the process.  In this light, Family For Health is here for you!

It has taken us 3 years to get to the health state that we are in now.  Along the way, we have become smarter and more efficient at what we have done.  Our kids have even reached their tipping point and are now making their own healthy choices.   I am highly confident that we will only go higher from here!

What we can do for you is to cut down your learning curve during your process.

This means that you and your family can achieve your sexy self, your better health, your “version 2.0”, not later, but MUCH sooner!

Now…Why wouldn't you want to do that?

 About Michael, Elaine, Ella and Lucas

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A healthy family is a happy family!

I, Elaine, and our children, Ella and Lucas, are passionate of many things, but at the root of all that passion belies our passion for health.  This site is our muse, and you can read why we started it here!  We are on a journey of constant learning, experimenting and growing in our health.  For Elaine and I, it is with pleasure and pride that we have witnessed our young children (currently 8 and 5) pass the “tipping point” where their “healthy” decisions come from themselves, not us.  Ella and Lucas have welcomed a life of delicious whole foods, functional fitness and fulfilling faith in an energetic and contagious way!

You see, it was a little more than 3 years ago, early 2011 to be exact, that I had an epiphany.  It was then that I realized that I was far from being functionally healthy for my 2 young children.  Throughout my life, I was constantly yo-yo'ing in weight and fat.  I would fluctuate on a regular basis from being obese to being fat to being somewhat fat…rarely was I not overweight.  I was always complaining of joint, back and foot pain and my mood and energy swings were wide and predictably present.  Moreover, I frequently would get headaches – constant, nagging headaches.  Then I began experiencing something like never before – periodically and randomly across each side, my vision would become blurred and would oscillate like a kaleidoscope.  This sensation would force me to stop whatever I was doing to wait it through for the approximate 20 minutes of duration.  Soon, I began to sense the event coming before it striking and would be able to prepare myself, both physically and mentally.  More than anything, these instances created great fear and unrest in me, especially given that my father died of a brain aneurysm at my early age of 2-1/2. I thought for sure this was a sign of a similar fate for me.  But…thank God, I was cleared of any negative diagnoses from a Neurologist.

I was convinced, however, that I had to change something as I was on a path to not be there for Ella and Lucas, at least functionally-speaking.  So I set out to make a change.  With the help of a “New Medicine” MD and her nutritionist, I embarked upon a detoxing whole food diet.  During this time, I observed something very interesting…I had no more headaches, no more ocular migraines, no more pain and I felt awesome!

Was it the food?  To answer that, we ordered a food allergy test and, to my surprise, I was intolerant to, among a litany of other items, food that I ate every day – gluten, wheat, egg-whites, cow's milk!  It all made sense now…my ailments and conditions were food-related!

Making the connection, we soon tested the kids and Elaine for food allergies/intolerances, and sure enough,  discovered there were foods to be avoided for us all.  So, we became one of those families that carefully evaluated everything we ingested and skipped what we should.  It wasn't overnight, however, and it came with much trial and error, but our patience is paying off.

Three years later, our journey continues.  This site is our way of sharing our learnings and experience in an effort to pay it forward to other families looking to embark on a similar journey to nurture a family for health.  Thank you for visiting!

Subscribe to Family For Health and you will get tips and techniques to incorporating healthy choices in your life in a “baby step” kind of way.  You will get actionable, informative, current and proven insight from best-selling authors and leaders.  AND, you will get a personalized coach walking you through the process, whether it's by our informative and fun content, our product and location reviews, or by our (soon to come) Transformational Nutrition Professional coaching.  Sign up now so you don't miss any updates!

Wishing you all the best in Health!

Michael, Elaine, Ella and Lucas

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Michael Ortiz

Business Consultant | Amen Method Professional | Lifestyle Entrepreneur at Family For Health
I am passionate about real food, health, wellness, fitness, business and my wonderful family!

I am fueled by "Paying It Forward in Health" on this site.My main driver in creating this website, alongside my family, is to share our ongoing family health journey in hopes of encouraging others to have the health epiphany that we have been blessed to experience.

1. Many of the links on this site are affiliate links which means that we get a small commission should you purchase something upon clicking on the link. This has no impact on your cost. For this, I thank you very much for helping us to keep this site free of ads. Of course, we wouldn't recommend anything unless we wholeheartedly believed in it.
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