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About Us

Hi! We're Elaine, Michael, Ella & Lucas, also known as Family  For  Health. Our mission is to help busy families get healthier fast by taking 1 small step at a time.

As you've probably experienced too, we know that turning your house upside down, restricting you and your kids of dessert and counting calories just doesn't work! Life was meant to be lived and enjoyed…and it should be.

A healthy life is about abundance, not deprivation, and you and your family were meant for that and more.

Our goal is to help provide you with tips, insights and resources that allow you to have the healthiest and happiest life you were meant to live.

Why Family For Health?

We believe that all greatness begins at home and that your family too can get healthier fast when you Eat+Move+Be…together!

Before we started paying attention to food, and to the ingredients in our foods, this was how our family was feeling:

  • Lucas couldn't breathe.
  • Ella‘s skin itched so bad that it felt like it was on fire.
  • Michael had such bad ocular migraines that he would lose his vision randomly and at totally unpredictable times.
  • Elaine‘s body hurt so bad, that she physically could not get out of bed to help our crying baby out of the crib.

But then, we adopted a “Food As Medicine” mentality and we started incorporating healthy, convenient and simple-to-prepare foods into our busy lifestyle.

What we realized, surprised us! Food that was organic and in its most natural form was delicious AND we could eat as much of it as we wanted. And the result was, that we got healthier!

Each of our ailing symptoms began to disappear. Michael and I (Elaine) watched our excess weight and fat melt away. And the kids were no longer bouncing off the walls. They behaved better, felt better and focused better.

“All in all, we began experiencing life as if we were flying first class…EVERY DAY!”

Once we got healthier it was no longer okay for us to just keep that information within the walls of our home.

We knew that it was time to share our story and help other families get healthier fast! Especially when it was statistics declared that this is the 1st generation of children that are not expected to outlive their parents' life span! And so that's why we founded Family  For  Health.

Through Elaine‘s Transformational Nutrition education, Michael‘s Amen Method Studies and our children's passion, we provide a host of resources on topics of health & wellness, nutrition, fitness, brain optimization, cooking and spirituality.

And, the best part is, the resources don't just come from us, but also from our” big neighborhood”…friends and colleagues who are all leading experts in their own field of topic.

We're just a mom, dad and family on a mission to help your family get healthier fast. We know that we don't have all the answers and that's why we get out and collaborate with the best experts around and bring you what you need so that you don't have to run all over the place to get the information yourself.

We bring it right to your home and family! We are so happy and honored that you've come by and visited. We know that you are very busy and already have many priorities pulling at you.

So the fact that you are here reading this page and interacting with other readers in the comments sections is very much appreciated!

With your help, shares and likes, you are part of the family. You are a much needed part of this movement because TOGETHER we will help change the world and share the love to help millions of families get healthier fast!

Healthy Hugs & Wishes,

Elaine, Michael, Ella & Lucas


Eat Gluten Free with less sugar EVERY night with your children…and NOT regret it!


Wife & Mommy | Blogger | Transformational Nutrition Coach

I was a former frazzled stay-at-home mom that blossomed into a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Entrepreneur and Family Health Revolutionary. I was completely happy trying to take care of her allergy-ridden children, and my husband who had a life-changing brain scare, but soon realized how frazzled I really was!

Before long, I experienced an immune breakdown from being over-stressed and over-tired.  I was just too busy taking care of my kids and husband, that I failed to take care of myself!

At rock bottom, I hit the Internet to learn all about holistic and natural wellness, eventually leading myself and family down a path of self-healing and education that completely transformed our lives from obesity and sickness to health and happiness.

It became clear that it was no longer okay keeping this newfound insight to myself and my family…

It was time to start a movement!


Business Consultant | Blogger | Amen Method Professional

Only a few years ago, I was a fat father in physical pain who was not performing at my highest potential.

Upon experiencing a major brain scare, and facing what appeared to be the same fate as my father who died at a very young age of a brain aneurysm when I was only 2-½ years old, I knew that I had to take back control of my own health.

With a focus on Real Food, and movement, I transformed my mind, body and spirit to a state of high performance and mental focus, never before experienced.

Now with a pain-free, fat-free body and spirit, we are focused on spreading our mission to help busy families get healthier fast by collaborating with the leading health and wellness experts in the industry.

Please join our movement! 


Gymnast of the Family | Real Foodie | Indian Princess | Blogger

My Name is Ella.  I was born in 2005 and I'm the gymnast in the family. I'm also bilingual – I speak English and Spanish and I'm learning Chinese and French.

I love eating healthy and my favorite food is a salmon, coconut cream with apple sandwich on gluten free bread.

I'm half Mexican and half Cuban.  I love writing things for the blog. I have a younger brother named Lucas.

En espanol… Me llamo Ella.  Nacie en 2005. Voy a la escuela en español. Hablo ingles tambien.  Además me gusta escribir cuentos de ficción en español.

Tengo un hermano menor que se llama Lucas. Me encanta hacer gimnasia y ver a mi hermano jugar beisbol.

Me gusta jugar con mis muñecas y comer comidas saludables.


Family Rockstar | Baseball Player | Indian Guide | Blogger

Hi, I'm Lucas. I like to run and play baseball. I like lots of fruits and vegetables.

My daddy makes the best ice cream.

My favorite colors are orange and blue. My favorite card game is Uno.

My funniest kitchen moment was when I didn't know the cacao powder bag was open and I shook it all over my head and it fell all over me.  It still makes me laugh when I think of it.  🙂


Eat Gluten Free with less sugar EVERY night with your children…and NOT regret it!

Get Your Family Healthier Fast

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