What do Mommies really want for Christmas?

Jewelry that sparkles?

Perfume that smells heavenly?

Super soft Ugg slippers that feel like your walking on clouds?

Sure, those gifts are great but, what Mommy really wants for Christmas is to have a personal chef to help her eat healthier and feed her family healthier so that the whole family has more energy to kick booty and have the BEST New Year possible!

Because if somehow, someone could do all of the cooking and you had it appear right in your home, you and your family would eat it!

It's a Christmas Miracle because YOU CAN HAVE A PERSONAL CHEF, without having the Chef bump into you in your kitchen, and have the food miraculously arrive in your home.

It's Pete's Paleo Family Meals and they have saved my family from falling down the fast-food rabbit hole that is too easy to fall into and SO hard to pull your busy family out of.

I have a video interview (below) with one your future personal chefs if you REALLY WANT THIS…

Pete's Paleo Family Meals provides a gourmet taste packed with rich flavors that your whole family will enjoy.  The awesome taste will actually surprise your family and you won't even believe the meals are healthy – but they are!!! Oh, and wait until I tell you about their Paleo WORLD FAMOUS BACON!

Pete's Paleo Family Meals  are made with grass-fed & pasture raised animals, organic and seasonal veggies (in San Diego, CA), gluten-free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, and sweetener free. Yes! ALL OF THAT HEALTHY FRESH GOODNESS can be delivered straight to your door and all you have to do is heat and serve.

And when I say fresh, I mean FRESH! It's in the dirt or pastures of San Diego, CA and is stored less than 8 hours a day because it is cooked and packed for you right away.  Your weekly meal order is due on Monday, your food starts getting cooked and gets vacuum sealed packed right away and your meals are delivered to your door by Thursday or Friday.

Another FRESH SECRET to these meals is that the menu changes every week and every season as Pete himself visits local farmers and bases his menu on what's in season.  So, no getting bored with these meal plans.  Plus, the herbs, spices and prep methods are also constantly changing to keep the menu exciting for your family and your taste buds.

Pete's Paleo doesn't just havePete's Paleo Family Meals but they also have BACON! The most amazing bacon that you just have to taste it for yourself.  I had heard the hype about their bacon for a year before I bought it and I could kick myself for not ordering sooner.  I still love my local farmer's bacon that kept me from ordering Pete's.

But, WOW is Pete's Paleo Bacon the bomb!  Plus, each time I cook up a batch of bacon, I render and save about 1/2 a cup or more of bacon fat that I use later to saute veggies that entice the kids to eat more veggies!

It's not just all about the bacon.  Though you might disagree 🙂

Pete's Paleo also has Individual Paleo Meals, Paleo Snacks, 21 Day Sugar Detox meals, Wahl's (Autoimmune) Paleo Protocol meals, 30 Day Gut Heathy Healing Kit with bone broth and The “NEW YOU” Box (to launch January 5, 2015) which is a special diet meal plan to help you get out of the baggy sweater mode to lose weight and feel great through this simple meal plan delivered fresh to your door.

I know…You can't wait to get a personal chef as your Christmas present and for the New Year.  But, personal chef's are expensive!

Are Pete's Paleo Meals expensive?

Well, they are way less expensive than having a private chef come to your home! But they are more expensive than fast food take out, and about the same as taking your family out to dinner at a restaurant.

The added benefit of Pete's Paleo over going to a restaurant is that you won't have to fight the urge to dig into the overflowing bread basket, and won't have to decide what is healthy on the menu and what is not, so you can avoid it.  And contrary to the restaurant menu, which contains unhealthy bad fats, high sodium, antibiotics & hormones, gluten and more (you get the picture), with Pete's Paleo home delivered meals, it's ALL healthy!

So, YES it's totally worth the price of Pete's Paleo Meals.

Check it out for yourself on our video interview with a Pete's Paleo Chef and on their website at Pete's Paleo:

Share this private chef resource with your family friends right now!  They will LOVE you for this Best Present Ever!

And if you SHARE we have a Present for YOU from Pete's Paleo!

SHARE and WIN a copy of Chef Pete Servold's new cookbook “Paleo By Season“.  Head on over to out Instagram account at http://instagram.com/familyforhealth

I love the cooking guides and recipes from this book, it is so nice that the recipes are divided by season because what's in season is usually cheaper to buy! Check out The Bison Bolognese on page 208 which is our family favorite!

Be sure to share this article with your friends and head over to our instagram account to enter the contest to win your own copy of Paleo By Season.

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