Are you in the Food Babe Army?

America needs YOU and YOUR family to help change our Food Supply.

YOU can make a difference!

Who is The Food Babe?  Why was her book, The Food Babe Way a New York Times Best Seller in just days?!!

Vani Hari is The Food Babe and she is a regular American, happily married, who doesn't have kids of her own, but cares about your children as if they were hers!

You might have seen Vani on the National News, CNN or on many other major media outlets.   You might of heard her talk about how eating Subway bread was like eating a yoga mat.  Because before Vani and her Food Babe Army stood up to Subway, bread used for Subway sandwiches contained the same chemical that is in yoga mats!  You can read more here…  You can learn more and join The Food Babe Army here.

Imagine feeding your kid's a yoga mat by choice?  Well, this is what our American food system is feeding to us!  And this is not happening in Europe.  So why are we allowing for it to happen to our children and our families?

Vani and The Food Babe Army has, and continues to, stand up to HUGE Billion Dollar Food companies that are feeding carcinogenic, hormone disrupting chemicals, artificial dyes linked to ADD and Autism to your children in Mac and Cheese, Cereal, Subway bread and many other foods American families eat every day!

According to Food Babe's talk tonight (at Laguna Beach Books), her real food-based Food Babe Army needs those under 18 the most! I'll explain why… but, here's a short video we made for you of Vani Hari that will give you a candid sneak peak into who Vani is and a little bit more about her book.

We're so excited that we met Vani, we made this video just for you, just as if you were in Laguna Beach, California with us and the Food Babe:

A dream for me!

It was a dream come true to meet Vani Hari, The Food Babe, because I started because I, too, could no longer keep the information that helped improve and transform my family ‘s health within the walls of my home.

As I listened to Vani speak, I was trying to form the perfect question that could help other families and I couldn't wait for our 1-1 time during book signing.

Instead, I didn't get to say a thing and the night became much more powerful than I could have ever imagined.

Without any prep (other than overhearing Vani's interview with our friend & mentor Sean Croxton, of Undergound Wellness) my 6-yr old took over the question and conversation with The Food Babe.

Food Babe said tonight,

So next time you feel defeated and think, “my kids will never eat healthy”. Just relax and try your best. We can't live in a bubble, and as Vani said…

“even that would be bad for you because the bubble would be made out of chemical-filled plastics. So, don't stress…

The Food Babe Way lifestyle is about taking back control of your food, eliminating what you can eliminate and do it in a way that is good for your quality of life.  It's not about an all or nothing thing or deprivation…”

And I say, RIGHT ON Food Babe! Because that's exactly what I help my clients with through my Transformational Nutrition Coaching is to get healthier fast.  Transformational nutrition is all about fitting your lifestyle and bringing on BIG and Permanent changes!

Healthy Family Tips:

  • Get the crappy food out of the house & don't buy it
  • Make each of your dollars count by not buying GMO foods & buying real food, and organic as much as possible
  • Empower your children to EAT healthy by being their #1 advocate and role model

Will you join the Food Babe Army to secure a better future for your children?!!

Need some more support and questions answered? Ask away (down below). We are here to shorten your learning curve and help your family get healthier fast.

SHARE this & Vani's NEW New York Times Best Selling Book “The Food Babe Way” Break Free from the Hidden Toxins in Your Food And Lose Weight, Look Years Younger, and Get Healthy in Just 21 Days!

You see I do this work to help families get healthier FAST & to reverse the unhealthy statistics that our children are up against today. Our children participate in this movement as they desire. Never coaxed or forced. Just as they choose to help other children.

Be sure to share this article with your friends and family…The Food Babe needs their support too!

Stay tuned for our Book Review and our Autographed GIVEAWAY of The Food Babe Way book.  Lucas got an extra book signed just for YOU!!! (Must be a Family For Health email subscriber to win, click here to enter the contest >> Win an autographed copy of “The Food Babe Way”)

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