Vitacost is a website that sells discounted quality natural products, organic, and many free of toxic chemicals.  They have the following:

  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Sports and fitness items
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Baby and kid products
  • Diet products/ Gluten free
  • Food and Beverages
  • Natural Home
  • Pet Health
  • Herbs and botanicals
  • Medicine Cabinet item

Vitacost constantly runs different deals and the savings plus the convenience of the “at your door free delivery” has us hooked.  Standard shipping orders are delivered in 1 to 4 days which means we never have to pay for any of the expedited shipping options.

With Vitacost, we are able to purchase those healthy items we need to keep our healthy family going!

How Vitacost can save you money $

Most healthy items that we order are 15% to 40% off retail.  There are some item that are priced at retail, but I think the free standard shipping is super convenient.  Free standard shipping is usually with a $49+.  But, with special offers, that can sometimes go down to $25+, or $30+ orders.  Note, there are a few things that I have found priced a $1 or more than what I might find at my health food store.  So just watch your prices.

Here I show you some examples of what I usually buy and know I am saving money on.

The picture above is of our most recent order.

Here is a screen shot of some of the items we recently ordered with both the retail and vitacost price..Note the HUGE price savings!

If you've never purchased from Vitacost before, do you want an immediate $10 off coupon and free shipping offer?
Then click here >> $10 off coupon + Free Shipping for Vitacost
(Note: this coupon will only work for new customers.)

Let us know in the comments below what healthy items you ordered.


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