Imagine this as your home!

It's SO nice, I want to live here with you too!!

The Ecology Center was a historic farm house built in 1878 and now,

The Ecology Center, in San Juan Capistrano, is a non-profit educational center, that engages individuals, families, and students in fun, hands-on activities that teach practical, environmental solutions at the household and community level. The Ecology Center seeks to bring all members of the community together in a solutions-based educational setting to inspire and create a healthy and abundant future for all of Southern California.

Our family has visited, been members, Michael and I have attended Green Feast and any chance we get to attend one of their events, we're there!

This time, we went to their Spring Fest and I wanted to take you on the visit with us so that you could experience The Ecology Center for yourself.

Spring Fest was a family and community event with live music, seed planting, arts and crafts for kids, food and drink and just living life on the gorgeous grounds.

Some of the activities were free and most were a fee to raise funds for The Ecology Center.

The kid's arts and crafts, plants and activities required these cool wood tokens.

And the arts and crafts stations were overlooking all of the food that The Ecology Center grows right on their property.  Yum!

Just wait, I'll show you some of what they grow and the yummy things we did with their food on the rest of this blog tour.

These seed plantings were free and kindly hosted EcoScraps, where they help you grow gardens, not landfills.

The volunteers are EcoScraps were not only giving planting instructions but were also giving friendly tips on how to grow a better garden.  Visit their site , and get ideas for yourself.

We got to The Ecology Center at lunch time so we had the most amazing lunch: Grilled Veggie Kabobs and both Strawberry/Basil Agua Fresca and Cucumber/Mint Lime Agua Fresca made by one of our friends on staff, Chef Kerri Cacciata, from Local Tastes Better. 

It was HOT and we just couldn't decide which agua fresca would be better.

We tried both and I still can't tell you which was better, because they were both AMAZING!

Here is a picture of some of the local food grown on the property and at their adjacent neighbors, South Coast Farms , as promised.

Yeah, these grilled veggie kabobs with chimichurri sauce are making me drool too 😉

Using herbs and spices on your food not only makes eating healthy less borning, but they are also very medicinal and detoxing.

That's why we use plenty of herbs and spices in our Healthy Family Meal Plans like in my Grandmas Meatloaf Turned Green and Detoxing, Comfort Food with Detoxing Power: Pesto Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and almost any recipe in our complimentary 7-Day Dinner Meal Plan Recipe Book.

After lunch, my son was excited to throw out our trash because of the bright color-coded trash cans with picture signs for landfill, recycling, and compost.

Their fun and educational signs really make you want to stop and read them.

And once you know better, you do better.

So learning to conserve and protect our planet is everywhere and gets subtly ingrained in you.

We use these color coded trash cans in the kitchen and they helped the kids start recycling as young toddlers.

This waste sorting sign made my kids say, “Mommy, we HAVE TO do this!”

Waste Sorting

Did you know, the average kid generates over 60 lbs. of waste per year with disposable school lunches?


Separate your luch waste: vegetable scraps can be composted, plastic, glass, metal & uncoated paper can be recycled.


Pack your food in reusable container and bring reusable utensils instead of disposable ones.

Here is what we do to reduce and reuse while keeping it healthy too:

The best lunch box that makes packing a healthy lunch easy

Healthy Pets

We met and pet the SUPER SOFT chickens.  I never knew chicken feathers could be this soft!

You can always visit and tour The Ecology Center on your own because they have facts, instructions and inspirational signs everywhere.

This “Get to know our Chickens” sign had cool facts like:

How chicken take baths.

Chickens do not need a rooster to lay eggs.

There is such a thing as a “pecking order“.

You can happily lose track of time at The Ecology Center because it feels like you are living in a fantasy land.

But, this is REAL and we can all live this reality by doing a few of the healthy and sustainable tips shared by The Ecology Center.

Eating Local

Eating local not only saves you money but it also saves our planet's resources.

More on that when I saw The Ecology Center at The Annual Children's Water Festival.

Trying new foods and new recipes makes eating local and healthy more fun.

Local foods are in season and save you money.

That's why all or our NEW weekly recipes you receive in our Healthy Family Meal Plans System are in season.

We learned how to pickle vegetables for the first time.

We chose ALL of the herbs and all of the vegetables. 😉

Not sure how we got to pack so many in one little jar.  But, my son managed and loved it!

In 2 weeks these local and organic veggies were going to be pickled and ready to eat.

After we learned about some new eats, it was time to learn about some new drinks.

The Ecology Center herbs were happily picked and muddled by my son.

Daddy was proud as our son muddled and put a shot of juice into his drink like a pro.

Sweet strawberry and mint – basil agua fresca is what this special drink came out to be.

No extra sugar added as the local strawberries were from South Coast Farms U-Pick, a few feet away from The Ecology Center.

With this cold drink in hand, you'll never want to leave your home.

The reality is that any little seed that you plant today can make a BIG difference in your home, community and world.

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Please visit The Ecology Center (if you're local) or visit their Instagram Page so you can BE THERE anytime you'd like. 🙂

What was your favorite part of your Ecology Center visit here on our blog? 
















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