Choosing Health!

Deep down, people want to be healthy and have healthy families, but they may not know how to get started, how to engage their children, nor how to create sustainable practices.

Three years ago, we were there!  I and our 2 kids were diagnosed with significant food allergies and both Elaine and I were facing health-impacting stress-related ailments.  We had to make some serious shifts in our lifestyle!  For our kids, for ourselves and for the enjoyment of our lives…We are Choosing Health! 

We didn't know quite where to start other than on the Internet.  That's when we started to get a “web education” by discovering and following websites and experts and thought leaders in the fields of health, wellness and fitness.  From our learnings, we knew that we had to become our own doctors and learn the ins-and-outs of our bodies and all their intricate internal systems.  As a testament to the amount of our studies, I can honestly say that I've learned more relevant and helpful health information in the past 2 years than I did during my undergraduate Biology education!

We also realized that we couldn't do it alone, so we focused on aligning ourselves with key healthcare practitioners that were of the same thinking as us focusing on natural and non-toxic living, treating the root cause not the symptoms, and letting the food be thy medicine.

During this health journey that we had embarked upon, we learned that nothing major was going to take place overnight.  Instead, we relied on taking “baby steps”.  And, as we got smarter about the process, we learned how to prioritize and make effective choices on those baby steps.

Why do we now have this blog?

Well, we are following our passion to pass on our insight in the hopes of optimizing those baby steps for  others in their quest for a healthy family life.  We discussed briefly in an earlier post, Why We Are Blogging in an earlier post.  We don't know all the answers, nor do we pretend to know what we don't know…but we can share what we do know!

Please join us on Family For Health as…

  • we “pay it forward” by sharing the baby steps we've incorporated into our family practices that are helping us to stay on track with our health journey;
  • we break down complex health topics that are taught by experts and thought leaders into simple and effective nuggets of information that are actionable by anyone, including children; and
  • we provide information on and reviews of products, locations and events that are relevant to our pillars of health – food, fitness, faith and fun.

We hope you can join us on our journey! Please visit us online or in the social media world. If you subscribe to our mailing list, we promise to give you insightful information and to NEVER spam nor distribute your contact information.

We want to know what you would like us to talk about on the site.  Are there any particular items that are of interest to you?  We want to know as we would like to tailor the site and our discussions to what our visitors are interested in.  Please comment below to share your thoughts!


Paying it Forward in Health!…Family For Health

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Michael Ortiz

Business Consultant | Amen Method Professional | Lifestyle Entrepreneur at Family For Health
I am passionate about real food, health, wellness, fitness, business and my wonderful family!

I am fueled by "Paying It Forward in Health" on this site.My main driver in creating this website, alongside my family, is to share our ongoing family health journey in hopes of encouraging others to have the health epiphany that we have been blessed to experience.

1. Many of the links on this site are affiliate links which means that we get a small commission should you purchase something upon clicking on the link. This has no impact on your cost. For this, I thank you very much for helping us to keep this site free of ads. Of course, we wouldn't recommend anything unless we wholeheartedly believed in it.
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