Your family takes in toxins EVERYDAY.

You're exposed to them and you take them in ALL THE TIME.

Toxins from our environment,
Toxins from our food,

Toxins from beauty products,
Toxins from cleaning products,
Toxins from toys and more!!!

That's why you must be in a detox state of mind.

I say detox state of MIND because it all starts there.

So, please hold off on the juice cleanses, master cleanses, or other high dollar detox quick fixes because they won't work!

But, WHY?

=> One, they go way too fast!

When you detox too quickly, you're actually bombarding your body with the toxins it's supposed to release but your body physically just can't release those toxins fast enough.

This leaves your body more toxic than before you started your cleanse.  YIKES!

=>Two, you're starving your body!

If the formula is Eat Less to Weigh Less then why wouldn't eat nothing for a weekend make you lose weight faster??? Right?!  Well… no!

You might lose 5 pounds overnight but you'll lose muscle weight and your fat will STAY.

Your fat literally holds on for dear life because your body is designed to store fat when it's in starvation mode to help keep you alive.

And… {WARNING!} toxins get stored in your fat storage cells.

So, this too leaves your body more toxic than before you started your cleanse.  Double YIKES!!

And if you still think not eating and over restricting your calorie intake is the only answer… Here is another reason why you DO need to EAT.

You are starving yourself and feeling miserable but you're also starving your body of vitamins and nutrients it needs not only to function properly but also to Detox properly.

Your body needs fiber, protein, fat and even carbs to bind the toxins too and then safely eliminate them from your body.


So how in the hey are you supposed to Detox and start detoxing right NOW???!!!


Get in a Detox state of mind!



An attitude of gratitude is key to your detox state of mind.

Yes, you can think life is not what it used to be. Our world is more toxic and polluted than ever. And, yeah it is.

But, your attitude of gratitude for being alive and having an opportunity to learn how and to detox in a healthy way is what you must focus on.

And, I'm here to help 🙂

Because, I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed and sometimes even go OVERBOARD when your mama bear instincts kick in and are telling you to protect yourself and your family at ALL COSTS.

And, let's face it, mamas are the ones that take extreme measures on ourselves because we've just had it!  You just can't deal with it for one more second!

You're sick and tired of having to hold your breath every single time you get into your skinny jeans.

You just don't have the time to sit in your closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.

You can't keep trying on 5 shirts before you find the ONE that will “semi” hide your belly.

But, be thankful that you get to…

-> You get to eat cleaner

-> You get to drink more water

-> You get to exercise more

-> You get to take in deep breaths

because you are alive and you are going to make the BEST out of your God given life.

So bring on the detox, you're READY to Cleanse!!!


Your brain and your body need oxygen to detox… and LOTS of it!

Oxygen keeps your brain working smarter, not harder.

Oxygen, like deep breathing with meditation or yoga is fantastic way to detox.

Or you can just take in deep breaths at red lights like in my easy, everyday red light breathing.

Deep breathing floods your brain, lungs and bloodstream with oxygen. This deep breathing is relaxing and cleansing.

It works like, “out with the old and in with the new”.


Think positive.  Negative thoughts create more toxicity in the body.

Your negative thinking will physically bring in more toxins to your body. So, you're only setting yourself up for toxic overload.

Negative thinking like, “I'm so fat, This is too hard, I'll never stay on this cleansing protocol for 21 days, wha! wha! wha!…”

I hear you…  I'm with you!  I fall into the negative thinking trap when I'm stressed out too.

But, guess what, if you tell your mind you can't, you WON'T.

That's how much control you have over your brain and over your success in life.

Think positive thoughts and you will get positive results!

Your mind is a powerful tool and as Dr. Daniel Amen, the brain doctor said and wrote in his book Change your brain, Change your Life. Yes, your brain is that powerful and he has the brain scans to prove it!

I know, you can think positive all you want but… STUFF happens!

So, if you're good at thinking positive but you can't control your automatic negative thoughts.  It happens to ALL of us.  Then try Dr. Amen's quick tip on how to get rid of the A.N.T.s  (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that pop up in your brain.

Move over the Empire, Move over New York… YOU are in a Detox State of Mind.

P.S. – Your family can do this too!

Teach your kids to give Thanks more. – Just stop to ask them, “What are you thankful for today?”

Teach your kids to take deep breaths. – Especially when their upset, even do it together while they are sitting on your lap.

Teach your kids how to get rid of ANT's. – Explain how Automatic Negative Thoughts are not real.


Way to get started on effective Detoxing because YOU are in a DETOX State of Mind. And YOU are ready to ROCK YOUR DETOX!

If you would like join my 21 Day Transformational Nutrition Cleanse that will detox your mind, body and spirit, then check it out here. I'd love to have you join me!

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