Why Diets Don't Work

There are so many diet books, diet plans, diet services that just don’t work or they don't work for lasting results!  Diets do not work because you do not learn how to eat better for life, you don't even learn exactly why you want to eat better and you certainly don't really learn to recognize why you don’t already eat better when you know you should. And because you do not learn any of these things about yourself, you just end up failing at yet another Diet.

I say this because this WAS ME!  I was always yo-yo dieting and never feeling fully happy with my weight but most importantly never feeling fully happy with MYSELF because I always seemed to fail at some point in the diet. It was always a roller coaster of ups and downs.

What I did not learn while on any of my failed diets is that you really DO NOT need to look for another better diet to follow!

You DO NOT need another diet.  And there is NO Perfect Diet for everyone.  But, you do need to discover the “perfect diet” for you and your body, mind and spirit and you do not usually do this alone.  That is why I am sharing The Virgin Diet with you.

The Virgin Diet to Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 days is NOT just another diet. Read my article on how it is more of a food elimination diet where you will stop the traditional methods of diets that fail and that treat your body like a bank account counting calories in and calories out. But this is a highly science-based diet where JJ Virgin will show you how to treat your body like a chemistry lab and you will discover what foods you love and love you back and which foods you love and DO NOT love you back.  Those that do not love you back, for example gluten, are usually one or all of the 7 foods that you can finally, and correctly, identify as food intolerances.  These foods are making you fat and/or are causing you to hold on to weight or cause your body pain!  By eliminating them, you will finally feel the relief that you deserve and realize how failing at traditional diets is NOT YOUR FAULT.

Along with The Virgin Diet Virtual Challenge that is going on RIGHT NOW (link here – time sensitive limited time registration) The Virgin Diet Virtual Challenge has on-line resources of cheat sheets and print outs for shopping lists, recipes, community support by fellow challengers.  You will have access to The Virgin Diet Coaches and JJ Virgin will have online coaching calls to answer your questions.

JJ Virgin has helped me with my personal transformation, with my Transformational Nutrition education (as one of the Industry Leading Faculty), and is one of my personal health and wellness heroes.  I want to support her in her mission by sharing this Virtual Challenge with you.

For a limited time, I am offering a FREE 30-minute Transformational Nutrition consultation.  Plus, as an added benefit to our Tribe Members, I am offering a Huge discount for coaching packages during the current Virgin Diet Group Challenge.  (Not a tribe member, Click here.  To learn details about my coaching programs, Contact me.)

Remember that I am here for you, not just on the “inside” of this challenge but as your Transformational Nutrition Coach.  Selecting me as your coach for this challenge is another way to accelerate and secure your success with The Virgin Diet Challenge, because my Certification in Transformational Nutrition Coaching can help you with looking into the root causes for your eating issues and finally helping you RELEASE those issues for permanent weight loss success and inner happiness!

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While you wait to start the challenge, or if you feel this challenge is not right for you, here are some FREE Transformational Nutrition Coaching tips that you can use right NOW:

What do you really need to look for in a diet?

Stop looking for another diet and look into yourself by identifying the root causes for your eating issues. Diets fail because you are looking for a diet to solve all of your problems. You are not on a diet just to lose weight. You are on another diet because you think that losing weight is going to bring you happiness, it is going to wrong whatever is not right in your life. You believe if you can just lose the weight your problem/s will be solved and your life will be perfect.

But, diets are like patches, they patch up a little hole that you have and though a diet may work at first, it is just a temporary fix. It is not a permanent fix. Those temporary patch diets are stressful, restrictive and difficult for you to maintain, so you fail at yet another diet.

So what can you do?

1.  Heal your negative emotions and root causes of your eating issues

The negative emotions that you have because of past trauma or past self-beliefs are causing you to fail with your diet. Not only do you have to identify these past issues, but you have to heal them. You need to let go of the past trauma that is causing you to fail at diets. You need to forgive and move on. And to forgive is not always about the other person, but it is more about you and giving yourself that permission and that freedom to let go.

2.  Make a commitment to eat better

This doesn’t mean that you should follow another diet, but rather to experiment and find the diet that is best for you. A diet that is not restrictive but is abundant with a variety of nutritious foods. Once you create that environment of abundance with healthy food choices that are nutrient-dense, healing to the body and satisfying, then you can take another step toward an “eating better” success.

As I have gone through The Virgin Diet myself, I can tell you that this diet is about an abundance of real food swaps that is NOT restrictive requiring you to count every calorie.  Instead it is based on eating PLENTY of delicious and satisfying real foods that are vitamin and nutrient-dense to help heal your food intolerances.  This will naturally lead to weight loss and less pain!

3.  Practice mindful eating

You have stocked your “healthy food idea bank account”;  The Virgin Diet Virtual Diet has provided the “done for you” shopping lists, recipes, quick access food swap lists and more; and you've filled your home with healthy and nutritious food.

Now you have to become MINDFUL while you are prepping and eating your food!

Most diets do not teach you to use mindful eating techniques. And without mindful eating techniques, you will fail at yet another diet. Mindful eating teaches you to be present and mindful of every food choice you make and how you mindfully go about feeding your body by savoring and enjoying each and every nutritious bite. A bonus to Mindful eating is that is becomes a habit that easily leads you to do other mindful acts in your life.  This, in turn, results in you successfully achieving an optimal state of health and wellness!

4.  Take care of yourself

If you are just following a diet by the book and you are not taking the time for self-care, that diet will fail.

Practicing extreme self-care is about putting yourself first and doing what is best for you – caring for yourself on a daily basis. This extreme self-care will bring success and authentic happiness in your life. But, if you just diet and have a lack of extreme self-care, you aren’t putting yourself first which usually causes a lack of sleep, lack of true happiness, and the lack of relaxation or pleasure in your life.

Not only is this stressful but this all wreaks havoc on your hormones. And when your hormones are not balanced, it causes inflammation just as food intolerances do, and this makes you hold onto and/or gain weight.  And you fail at yet another diet.


When you can follow these 4 steps, you will first and foremost discover your authentic self, and you will identify and heal emotional pains and this will lead to the happiness that you have wanted in your life. And this will all lead to helping you naturally lose the weight. Following these 4 steps of healing is not a diet, rather a transformation that will lead to a natural weight loss.

Until you can stop “dieting”, invest the time and money, and hire a Transformational Nutrition Coach to help you do these 4 steps. Otherwise, you will likely continue the cycle of looking for that next diet, that next quick fix and will inevitably fail at yet another diet.

Be the change you want!

What now…

If you're ready to stop traditional dieting and want to find your Perfect diet to release those negative emotions and root causes that are holding you back from the life you were meant to live, then join the challenge, join our tribe and be the change you want!

Be sure to share this article with that special friend or loved one that is aching to live the life that she is meant to live as well.

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