Organic cold press juice that the entire family will love!

Don't have time to juice yourself, this is one of the next BEST things we have tried, tasted and highly recommend by not just us parents, but our kids too!

Suja™, meaning Long Beautiful Life, embodies the promise that flows from the cold-pressured beverages it delivers in each and every bottle.

All of Suja’s juices are certified Organic, Non-GMO & Kosher and are processed using cold pressure (also known as High Pressure Processing or HPP) to kill harmful bacteria while preserving maximum nutrition and taste. With a wide range of cold-presured organic offerings, Suja™ has a juice for every lifestyle.

Suja was named #3 in Forbes Most Promising Companies in 2014. Click here to read the full article.

All Suja Elements Juices are:

  • 12oz
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Kosher Certified
  • Vegan
  • Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free

The Healthy Goodness of Suja Elements Cold Pressed Juice

Too many people think that “healthy” is too expensive.  Well, in this case “Healthy” is a STEAL!

Suja Elements cold pressed organic juice and smoothies are so incredibly jammed packed with nutrients and have ZERO sweeteners or artificial additives.  It's pure organic juice filled with “healthy goodness” that we think it is worth the $4.99/12 oz price.

But, YOU can get it for less $ and I will show you how below.

But another reason why Suja is totally worth it's price is that they are also loaded with “Superfoods” like chia, acai, cacao, maca, spirulina, chorella, camu camu and more.  Some of these like maca, chorella and camu camu are super precious super foods that come a little pricier and Suja freely includes these.

I have not found too many other juices that do all of this!  And, We've tried several brands.

Our article talking about the importance of taking shots for breakfast is worth the read if you are unfamiliar with what is cold pressed juice.

Another bonus to Suja is that they are a socially responsible and local San Diego, CA company.  We strongly believe in buying local and supporting local small businesses.  Plus, $0.20 of the proceeds of each juice goes to a select charity.  We love that Suja is an example of  “Paying it Forward in Health”!

Packaging is also cute and attractive to parents and kids alike with simple and vibrant text and color to attract the eye and compliment the colors that go naturally with the juice-goodness inside

The official seals on the bottle helps you rest assured of their healthy goodness…USDA Organic, Non GMO and Cold Pressure Protected!

The Special Sale

Whole Foods locations have these amazing Suja Elements juices on sale from Friday, February 21, 2014 – Sunday, February 23, 2014 for a Healthy STEAL…Buy 2 for $5!  

That is a savings of $4.98!…but, wait there's more 🙂

I found some coupons for you and you can get even better prices.  (Please note, this is NOT an affiliate link.  I am simply forwarding links to a Great Healthy Steal!)

Click on the links below to print your special coupon to take to the store.

Here is a list of the mouth-watering flavors:

  • Organic Green Charge Vegetable and Fruit Juice
  • Organic 24 Karat Vegetable & Fruit Juice
  • Organic Mango Fuego
  • Organic Berryoxidant
  • Organic Tropicaloe
  • Organic Blutrients
  • Chocolate Protein
  • Super Green
  • Very Vanilla
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Macachino
  • Blue Dream Drink

Family for Health Recommended Suja juices:

We recommend ALL of them! I know, I can't believe I am saying that.  But at least one or more of us like every flavor above.

Ella likes the Blue Dream and 24 Karat

Lucas likes Mango Fuego (Yes, our little 5 year old half Mexican and half Cuban likes spicy foods) as well as almost every other juice flavor

Michael likes Macachino for its a nutritious, hormone boosting, superfood-filled coffee sweetness without any sugar.  Are you addicted to the sugar-loaded frappa, mocha, whatevers? Give this flavorful, fat burning, detoxifying, antioxidant, superfood drink a try instead!  Your Health and body will thank you.

I like the Tropicaloe for its refreshing flavors, nutrients and detoxifying ingredients.  It makes me feel like I am at a spa when I am drinking it. Ahhhh…

Do you have a friend or family member that likes to drink healthy, organic juices for on-the-go activities?  If so, then do them a favor and share this article directly with them.  The sale at Whole Foods is only for this weekend, so don't miss out!

Enjoy this article?...Pay it Forward in Health!
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