Moms have a strong intuition when it comes to their kids.  Your Mommy Intuition is like your SUPERPOWER!

But, what about your personal intuition?  Do you empower it? Or do you bring in Kryptonite-filled negative thoughts that suck the power and drain your personal intuition?

How do you not only become a super mom but a super YOU?

You Empower your Intuition!

That was the name of the speaking engagement I went to for Gabrielle Bernstein a few days ago.  Gabby is AMAZING!!!  And I can't wait to share with you what she told me about Empowering your Intuition.  Because EVERYONE needs to know this.

But, I am sharing it especially with YOU!  My readers, my Family For Health family, whom I wholeheartedly care for and genuinely wish you the best Healthy Wishes so that YOU can live your best life possible.

Before I share with you Gabby's secrets on how YOU can Empower YOUR Intuition so that you can tap into YOUR Personal Superpowers,  I'm going to share with you how Gabby says we block our intuition.

3 Ways you block your intuition that keeps you stuck and quite frankly, they suck!  They suck your power.

1. You experience the presence of fear:

When you rely on fear you are denying your inner voice of intuition.

Example:  You fear that you can't get your family to eat healthier and go gluten free.  You fear that it's just too hard and you just can't stick to it.  This is especially true if feel your family is sabotaging your efforts with your kids' potato chips and chocolate chip cookie filled lunch boxes and your husband's faster metabolism which let's him eat way more ice cream and drink more wine than you can.  I know, this all just sucks!  This is a fear that is draining your power and just holding you back from feeding your family and yourself healthier gluten free REAL FOOD for Good.

See Gabby Discuss this (Fear) in her recent 3 minute video.  It's Powerful!

2. You get caught up in story:

When you get caught up in your negative fear-based story, this is a sure sign that you are relying on your own strength and you are disconnected from your spiritual power, your higher power.

Example: You get caught up in the story and tell it over and over with your girlfriends over coffee, over wine, over waiting at the school pick up lines saying “I'm just so busy, I have no time to cook, and I just don't have time any extra time to work out.  I just don't have enough time to do it all”.  Every time you tell that fear-based story, or versions of it, you are sucking the power right out of you and it blocks the possibility for your spiritual power to empower you.

3. You forget to ask:

When you forget to ask for spiritual help you are blocking your intuition and the unique and amazing, unimaginable possibilities that God, your higher power, has in store for you!

Example: You forget to stop even if just for a few moments to pray.  You don't take a moment to open the door to possibilities with prayer.  Or you don't even just stop for a moment to use simple words to connect to a higher power than yourself to just ask for help.

The Secret?

So how specifically does Gabby say to do this.  What is the secret?  Gabby says to make:

“Moment to moment subtle shifts for radical change”.

Does that sound familiar?  “We help busy families get healthier fast through simple shifts for immediate impact”.

Do you trust your intuition and realize that this is the future for health and wellbeing?  And that you can empower your intuition to decide what is best for you and your family.

Remember, Deepak Chopra also said something similar when I heard him speak and wrote about it in this article.

Well my friend, this is similar to the way I always say that I am here for you and I am sharing and simplifying transformational nutrition concepts for you to take what you need and ditch what you don't.  Only you can decide what serves you and what doesn't to help your family get healthier fast.  And when you empower your intuition, you can be more clear on what to do.

And you can also “pay it forward” and be a part of the movement to help other families, all over the world, get healthier fast just by sharing blog posts and social media posts so others can empower their intuition and use what they need to get their family healthier fast.

I wholeheartedly thank you for that share.  I thank you for empowering your intuition to share.  Don't we teach our children that “sharing is caring”?  Well, thank you for caring!  Thank you for sharing and caring for the future health of our children all over the world.

Bonus: What does Gabby say the secret to prayer is?

Prayer is a way to open the doors of HUGE possibilities.  But, prayer can be as simple as using simple words to ask God, the angels, or the universe for help.  Asking for this help or even asking for a miracle helps open the door of creative possibilities that are more powerful and bigger than anything you could have imagined possible!

And the secret to prayer is to let go of what you think you need.

Because when you pray for what you think you need, you will block your intuitive power.  Instead pray to open possibilities.

And be the non-judgemental witness when you are in your fear story.

Celebrate what you see and hear and that will strengthen your faith.

Lean towards JOY.

Because “in the presence of JOY, MIRACLES HAPPEN” and whenever you open yourself in prayer, “IT” will happen in a form that maybe you never even imagined.

So how does a busy mom do all of this, right now, in one simple way, that even your kids can do…

Make JOY your #1 priority!

Bring JOY!  Infuse JOY into each and every one you encounter and into each and everything you do.

Because as Gabby says, “In the presence of JOY, MIRACLES HAPPEN!”

Will you “Empower Your Intuition”?

Sharing is caring.  Please share this article with someone it might help.

Gabby Bernstein, Family For Health
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