Family Friday

Family life is NOT just fun and games.  It's hard work!

You had no say, no choice into which family you were born into.

Then, add the holidays to that fact and what do you get?

Crash… Bang… BOOM…


Because each and everyone of us was born and meant for greatness.

You are great! You are special!  You have a gift that only YOU can share and give to the world.

You were born to share your gift and so were your children!

God created each and every one of us totally and completely UNIQUE and the universe is your biggest cheerleader!

All you have to do is MOVE and BE You!

Make your MOVE and just reach out, take it, do it! Live it! BE it! And share it!

Good Energy is Endless

There is an endless amount of good energy surrounding you at every moment in your life.

You just need to take action and make a MOVE to take it.  Take it and use it.  Because the more you do, the more you will GIVE.

Yes, you have to take in good in order to give good.  God and the universe endlessly provide this energy for YOU to do GOOD!

You just need to MOVE.

Special offer just for you!

Family For Health has a special offer for YOU and your family because healthy family living isn't easy.  It's hard when you're busy and you don't KNOW what to DO or where to start.

We can help you.

But first, I want to take a moment to honor you, to be your cheerleader, for making a MOVE by reading this article.

That's so good!  You are already doing GOOD.  You are part of the family here at Family For Health and we are here for you on the blog and in social media and now with this new coaching program.

Do you need this?  Do you want more help?  Not everyone does and that's okay.

But, if you do, we have a step by step, done for you program that can transform your family to become A Processed-Free and Gluten-Free Family in 6 weeks or less, without all the stress.

Check out the info video here.

But, I would like to warn you that this program is not for everyone and yes, you can do this “Family” program alone.  Because family is not always who you are born into.  Family is also COMMUNITY.  We would be honored to have you join our family through this program.  Click here to join in NOW, during the holidays, because that's when you need help and coaching the most!

Remember, you don't have to have your skeptical and hungry husband on board or your sabotaging chocolate chip cookie eating kids on board.  You just need to take this for you, MOVE and make this happen for YOU.

When you KNOW Better, you DO better and when you DO better you GIVE better.  And when you GIVE better you LIVE better!

And that is what it means to BE in your greatness to live out your greatness that you were born and meant to live.

And just by doing that, you will EAT+MOVE+BE the best that you can and Together you will be a part of the MOVEment, a ripple effect towards the greatness that will come out of  your family, community and the world for better healthy family living!

Is this program just not for you?  Not the right time for you and all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch a movie?  I get that! Sometimes, you have to do that.  So, here's a GOOD movie for you.

Our good friend, Dr. Pedram Shojai is a new Dad, so he gets you!  He made a movie that you are going to want to watch for for the future of your children.

Origins, is a documentary film about finding out who's hijacked your health…and how to reclaim it!   Pedram is giving you, our readers, a special invitation for you to watch his movie Origins for Free (for a limited time) here >> Origins, the Film

So, MOVE and watch this GOOD movie!

Share this article and let us know what you think.

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