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In the 21st century our tastes buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry. @markhymanmd

So when we had a chance to live on a farm and cook our own food over Spring break, we took it!


You don't have to be a farmer, live on a farm or even visit a farm.

But, I do recommend cooking more meals at home and shopping at your local farmers market when you can (find your here) .

Like Dr. Mark Hyman, we highly agree that the first form of medicine is getting back into the kitchen to cook your way to better health!

It's helped our family SO much and we know, with all our heart, that it can help you too!

Take The Time To Cook

When we were too busy to cook, we were disconnected from our food and where it came from and we were slowly killing our family.

We were just too busy to cook, it was easier to either go out to eat most nights, pick up take out, go through a drive through or just reheat boxes to get dinner on the table faster.

But the countless doctor appointments and refilling of prescriptions was taking over our life.

Here is how eating processed food, hardly ever cooking and even going out to eat at nice restaurants too often was slowly making each of us so sick.

It took our integrative medicine doctor to scare us straight and tell us that there was no way out but to eat real food and cook more!


The Glam-Farm

This Farm life experience was our BEST Family Vacation EVER… The kids picked and gathered our food and I cooked it.


I know cooking may sound like the worst vacation ever, but when it comes with living in a cottage, overlooking a beautiful meadow, with your kids feeding and playing with animals all day, it's easy living and it's paradise!


If you've ever gone “glamping” (this is our favorite place) you'll know why I called this glam-farming.

Everything was done for us, all we had to do is pull the fresh organic food out of the dirt and cook it.

This little Glam-Farm was paradise for the kids because they said, “This is the BEST vacation EVER, just like Disney Aulani was!”

This doesn't happen over night, our kids were picky eaters and they are still don't eat everything I make but they do enjoy eating REAL FOOD most of the time.

And yes, we're not perfect

our kids are still kids

and we reheat a pizza at times, even on the farm!

But, the Cappello's pizza we buy is gluten free and when you read the label, it's only made with REAL FOOD ingredients.

So, don't give up, no body is perfect and take it one meal at a time.

Commit to cooking at home just a little more, until cooking five night a week becomes easy and relaxing.

And try this so you can stop force feeding your kids to eat healthier.

Cooking is a Spiritual Practice

Living in paradise, wherever that is for you, is a spiritual experience.

Isn't there is just an unexplainable energy and goodness about it?

We know it's God-given energy but why it's so good for our soul is beyond explanation and words sometimes.

I posted this on our Instagram because on our first day of vacation, we chased rainbows and we wanted to share the lucky blessings with you!

Cooking the freshest, local, in season food and preparing it for your family can be a spiritual practice.

“The ancient Greeks introduced the world to the concept of energy and its effects on humans, animals, plants and health. We're all connected spiritually by energy…” –Mind Body Green

The energy, a vibrational frequency, in our food is higher and stronger when it's fresh and local.

That's why preservative-filled processed food is known as “dead food”, because it's had the real food energy sucked out of it or it never had any to begin with.

Cooking your food is a spiritual practice because it can feel like a meditation as you lovingly pour your energy and love into the food you prepare.

Sure it was easier for me to do this when I was living in this little farm cottage we called paradise.

But, we can all disconnect from our busy life and mindfully enjoy every moment of our cooking experience at home.

Too many times, we get trapped into the stress of cooking and don't appreciate it for what it is.

I know I used to and I just won't let that to happen anymore.

Not for the sake of my health or my family's health.

I commit to cooking at least five nights a week to stay healthy.

I know the hardest, most stressful part of cooking is “what to make” and “how to cook healthy”.

That's why we're here for you at 7 day Trial

Try cooking just one meal at a time so that you're family is better together and stays healthy for life!

Picture of our “Beef Burrito Bowl” recipe.  The kids insisted on having these leftovers they call a Chipotle Bowl (and it's made with cauliflower rice!).  We ate the same leftover beef and put it on a huge collard greens leaf from the farm with a glass of organic wine.

What has been your best family vacation that felt like paradise?

Or where is your paradise that you dream of visiting?  I'd love to hear about it!








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