Day 2 of the Gluten Summit begins to identify what specifically gluten does to us

Today's speakers at the FREE Online Gluten Summit have a lot of incredibly relevant information to share to attendees.  This is information not to be missed, ESPECIALLY if you have children in your lives!

1. Why Creating the Healthiest Intestinal Environment Possible Can Arrest Your Vulnerability to the #3 Cause of Getting Sick and Dying

Alessio Fasano, MD is a world-renowned pediatric gastroenterologist and research scientist.  In 2003, Dr. Fasano published the groundbreaking study which established the  prevalence of celiac disease at 1 in 133 people in the US.  Dr. Fasano’s research has also linked zonulin to the development of a series of autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes, celiac disease and multiple sclerosis.

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During his presentation today, Dr. Fasano discusses that indeed gluten is not digestible by any human kind.  You see, our bodies utilize enzymes to break down proteins to a digestible state.  Think of the analogy of a pearl necklace.  First, there are enzymes that will cut the chains to smaller pieces, i.e. separating the pearls from each other.  Then, a second set of enzymes will peel off the pearls so that we can absorb them into our systems.  The composition of gluten is strange and unique in that their enrichment of amino acids are unrecognizable by the “scissors” that would “cut” the necklace in between each of the pearls.  As such, we cannot digest the gluten compound because the “pearls” are never further broken down.

Dr. Fasano also discussed the importance for proper consideration as to when gluten products should be introduced to infants.  He shares the remarkable study of a formula company that found a niche to provide a fortified formula to be introduced to infants between the age of 2 and 4 months old.  The study showed that for the population of infants that drank this formula, the prevalence of celiac disease increased 7-9% from the generation before which showed an inherent increase of only 1% from the earlier generation.  Upon realizing the coincidence of the fortified formula product with this increasing celiac epidemic, the company retired the formula and pulled it from the marketplace.

The study then continued and showed that the incidence of celiac disease in the next population of infants without the fortified product went back down to the 1% from the generation before the fortified product release. The presentation continues with more fascinating and insightful correlations between gluten and general gluten sensitivity symptoms, not only in the gut, but also throughout the body.  As it turns out, the immune response for some will not remain in the intestinal tract, rather the immune antibodies will travel to other parts of the body to illicit an inflammatory response, manifesting itself as inflammation in the joints, brain, skin, etc…

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 2. The Surprising Ways Gluten Sensitivity can Affect a Child’s Health

Rodney Ford, MD, MB, BS, FRACP is a Pediatrician, gastroenterologist and allergist with over 30 years’ clinical experience.  Dr. Ford is a pediatric expert on chronic health problems, food allergy, respiratory allergy, gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, and gastrointestinal problems.  As a Pioneer, Dr. Ford was the first known gastroenterologist to place his patients with non-celiac, gluten sensitivities on a gluten-free diet. It is Dr. Ford’s belief that there is now enough evidence to demand massive changes to our diet, our farming practices and food manufacturing industry.  He is the author of The Gluten Syndrome: Is Wheat Causing You Harm? and Gluten: ZERO Global and believes that we are only one generation away from witnessing the rejection of gluten by the most reputable food processing companies.  

When asked to identify some of the symptoms that he sees in his practice that he would consider a gluten sensitivity as being a contributing factor, Dr. Ford identified the following suspect symptoms:

…they are sick, tired, and grumpy. They've got sore tummies, acid reflux, migraine, other headaches, maybe vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, eczema, rashes, urticaria, those sorts of things.

From a behavioral concern, his patients are predominately irritable children, tired, lethargic, lacking energy, having poor sleep and hyperactivity and/or ADHD.  But it doesn't stop there!  Add to the list of symptoms, growth concerns (particularly height), the children don't get too thin, have a distended pot tummy, and they don't grow quite as fast.  More importantly, they're run-down and catch everything as their immune response is not strong enough to properly attenuate the bugs and viruses going around – so they are sick often! If this is not enough, then see my earlier post on gluten sensitivity symptoms.  Still not enough to convince you of the importance to consider gluten as a contributor to health-impacting conditions, then please visit the gluten summit to hear the rest of the interview with Dr. Ford, plus much more.

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3. How the Right Diet Can Address Symptoms Throughout the Body

Dr. Liz Lipski is board-certified in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Nutrition.  She is the author of Digestive Wellness, which is in its 4th edition, Digestive Wellness for Children, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and most recently, Digestive Connection.   Dr. Lipski is the founder of “Access to Health Experts“, a web-based holistic membership site that was just opened with access to the general public.  Do check it out for lots of valuable archived information.

During the interview, Dr. Lipski shares a remarkable story of a patient which was complaining primarily of cramping in the belly that would last 2-3 days, followed by 2-3 days of diarrhea, 10-15 times per day.  This would happen 2-3 times every month.  This patient was self-employed, and as a result, would miss about 9 days of productivity in his business every month due to this condition.

To address this ailment, Dr. Lipski placed her patient on an elimination diet which consisted of all the fish and poultry (preferably wild-caught and organic) that he wanted, all the fruits and vegetables he wanted and non-gluten containing grains.  Furthermore, he was allowed olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, a little bit of seeds, any spice and herbs desired and he could drink water and herbal tea.  If you break this diet down, it amounts to a whole food diet.

Within the 1st 2 weeks of being on this diet, this patient lost 8 pounds and had improved energy. By the 3rd month, he had lost 30 pounds, was off ALL medication, and his depression, Arthritis and irritable bowel syndrom were all completely gone.

THIS…is the power of REAL FOOD!

Please register to hear the interview for yourself.  There is bound to be at least 1 piece of information that could change your life!

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So much profound and actionable information

If you have any ailments that you suspect are food-related, or even if you can't figure out what may be causing the ailments, then I sincerely encourage you to register and listen for yourself.  I am speaking from direct experience, when you incorporate even a little bit of the insight that this summit has to offer, you will tell yourself,…“if only I had done this earlier!”

Register for FREE now, or if you missed any of yesterdays interviews, you can also purchase a Full Access Pass to ALL of the content presented.

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