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Day 3 of of the Gluten Summit brings to the stage 4 well-acclaimed experts

  • Mark Hyman, MD – the transformational effect of a functional approach to your lifestyle;
  • Aristo Vajdani, PhD – gluten sensitivity testing and why current testing methods fail;
  • Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD – the critical relation between gut health and children's brains; and
  • Erica Kasuli – a brain-optimizing, gluten-free diet for the whole family.

Today, I'm going to focus my summary on one speaker, in particular, Dr. Mark Hyman.  Please read below for a summary on his talk.  If you wish to hear the interview for yourself, please register for the summit.

1.  A “Functional Approach” to Lifestyle Can Transform Your Life

Mark Hyman, MD is one of the greats in the field of Functional Medicine.  Dr. Hyman is the founder and Medical Director of the UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA, where he directs a team of physicians, nutritionists and nurses who utilize a comprehensive approach to health.  Dr. Hyman is the co-author of New York Times bestseller Ultra Prevention: The Six-Week Program That Will Make You Healthy For Life, winner of the Books for a Better Life Award, honoring the best self-improvement books each year.   

Dr. Hyman opens his interview with a focus on the importance of blood sugar stability.  The two extremes of blood sugar management are diabetes (too high of blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (too low of blood sugar).  Most of us don't fall in either camp, instead we fall in the middle of the spectrum.  In that middle range, the continuum of possibilities range from optimal blood sugar balance and control and full-blown type II diabetes.   Anywhere along that continuum, we have potential dramatic risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, dementia, depression, cancers…all things that we don't normally associate with imbalances in our individual blood sugar.

Dr. Hyman has coined the term “diabesity” and points out that 1 out of 2 Americans have it.  Diabesity is either pre-diabetes and type II diabetes.  The fascinating facts are that 90% of the people that have it, don't know it and that doctors don't know how to diagnose it and/or treat it.   So the biggest driver of illness in this country is undiagnosed and untreated…yet it is completely curable!   What's driving this predicament?  Dr. Hyman answers as follows:

…it's two things.  It's the influx of of enormous quantities of sugar and refined sugar in our diets – 152 pounds a year – and an enormous influx of wheat flour in our diet, 146 pounds per person per year.  You add those together, that's a pound of sugar and flour for every man, woman, and child in America every single day.  That has to stop because that's what's driving disease!

White Sugar or Whole Wheat Bread???
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White Sugar or Whole Wheat Bread???

With respect to your blood sugar management, what do you think is better for you…two tablespoons of whole wheat bread, or two tablespoons of sugar?  You probably guessed the bread.  Wrong! Because of the way in which we grind and grow wheat, the genetically hybridized dwarf wheat strain has a much higher starch content than sugar.

We each have the ability to control our food intake and, in so doing, we have control of our health!

What is your position on this topic?  Please share your comments below.  In the meantime, please register for free at the Online Gluten Summit to hear in more detail how you can take control of your health.

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