Your Body is a Chemistry Lab!

Day 4 of the Gluten Summit is not to be missed.  One of my personal favorites, as well as the favorite of many celebrities and A-Listers, is on the stage today.  JJ Virgin is a world-acclaimed fitness and nutrition expert and author of the best-selling book, The Virgin Diet, in which she calls for the elimination of 7 food types that wreak havoc on your body and prevents you from attaining your ideal weight, fat content and health.  Quite simply she refers to this guidance as

Drop 7 foods, Lose 7 pounds, Just 7 days

What makes JJ Virgin's diet so incredibly effective in such a short observable period of time?  With more than 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, JJ discovered that in order to have her clients make a huge transformational shift in the health and nutrition, she had to make it an easy process.  Her experience led to 7 food types that, if removed from the diet, would have an incredibly lasting affect on the body composition and overall health of her clients.  What are those foods, you might ask???  Well, if you've been following any of my earlier posts summarizing the Gluten Summit, you should correctly guess that Gluten is on the list!  In fact, Gluten tops the list and and, in reality, serves as the role of the devil compared to the others!

The 7 foods to drop are:

  • SOY
  • SUGAR (including artificial sweeteners)
  • EGGS
  • CORN

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Just acting on this information alone, you can impact your life in ways you never believed were possible.  I know first hand the power of eliminating these toxic food elements.   I also know that at first, it seems difficult and can be challenging, especially in social settings.  But, I also know that once you begin to see your body as the lab that it is, it begins to talk to you.  Armed with the knowledge that JJ Virgin and others are sharing with the Gluten Summit audience, you will listen to what your body tells you and you will then be able to react accordingly.

Want to hear more, please register for FREE to view/listen to the remainder of the Gluten Summit interviews.  If you missed some of the interviews that have already occurred, you can purchase a FULL ACCESS pass to ALL of the audio, video and written-transcript content by clicking on the image below:

The line up for Day 4:

1. Dr. Marios Hadjivassiliou, MD, Educational Associate, Association for Historical Dialogue & Research: One of the world’s leading experts on celiac disease discusses the wide-ranging effects of gluten consumption that traditional medical literature will never tell you about.

Gluten-Related Disorders: Time to Move from Gut to Brain

  • Why and how gluten related disorders move from the gut to your brain.
  • Speaking to your health professional (or to your patients) regarding gluten sensitivity.
  • 4 ways gluten consumption and sensitivity can manifest on your skin.

2. JJ Virgin, Fitness & Nutrition Expert; Best-selling Author, The Virgin Diet: JJ discusses the 7 most important foods to cut out from your diet in order to reach your full health potential and start your day off with a blast!

Your Body is Not a Bank Account. It's a Chemistry Lab.

  • The little-known yet significant cause behind weight gain.
  • How to reset your body in preparation for optimal wellness.
  • The 7 most important foods to eliminate!

3. Tom Malterre, MS, CN, Co-Owner/Nutritionist, Whole Life Nutrition: Tom talks about transforming your understanding of how your environment can really be working against you.

The Perfect Storm: Gluten Plus Gut Flora Imbalances Plus Environmental Toxins

  • Exposure of up to 80,000 chemicals per day may be affecting your health.
  • How proteins turn on the right (or wrong) messages in your body.
  • Why autoimmune diseases are directly tied to heart disease.

4. Melinda Dennis, Nutrition Coordinator, MS, RD, LDN, Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: Melinda covers dining strategies that help you easily avoid gluten and never feel like you’re missing out.

The Secret to Safely Avoiding Gluten While Dining Out

  • 3 dining strategies that help you easily avoid gluten.
  • Exact word-for-word instructions to use so wait staff take you seriously.
  • The best foods and choices to ensure your meals are safe, delicious and healthy.

What have you learned so far from the Summit?  Please share in the comments below what changes you will make in your lives.

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