Do you have Brain Envy?

We are more than half-way through the Gluten Summit.  The first 4 days have been jam-packed with valuable information for teaching us why we should have more consideration for what we put into our mouths.  If you missed any of my earlier summaries, please click on the following links for each of my daily summaries: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.

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Today's summary will focus on Dr. Daniel Amen, who is a physician and board-certified psychiatrist and Director of Medicine for The Amen Clinics which have offices that span across the continent.  Dr. Amen is one of the foremost experts on brain imaging science.  Brain imaging science utilizes SPECT scans which look at the blood flow and activity of the brain.

Upon being asked what one can do to achieve better brain function, Dr. Amen replied that he wants people to think “insanely simple”.  This was in reference to the book of the same title that highlights why Apple is such a successful company.

  1. You must have “brain envy” – you have to care about your brain.  Nobody really cares about their brain because they can't see it, unlike the wrinkles around their eyes or the extra fat around the belly.
  2. Avoid anything that hurts your brain – the first thing that hurts your brain is not caring for it and the second thing that hurts your brain is having the Standard American Diet that's filled with processed foods, excessive amounts of bad fat, sugar and salt.
  3. Avoid negative thinking patterns, not focusing on what you're grateful for and hanging out with unhealthy people –  People are contagious, and if you're friends tend to be unhealthy, then it is likely that so will you be.

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Dr. Amen discussed about his technique at using SPECT scans to look “under the hood”, if you will, of his patients to better understand the root cause of their behaviors and conditions.  He shared an amazingly startling personal experience about positively altering the life of his 9-year old God-son who abruptly began to display violent and suicidal behaviors.  Under normal clinical observations, his God-son would have been heavily dosed with narcotics and likely put under strict psychiatric control for a long time.  Relying on his experience and technological tools, Dr. Amen was able to diagnose that the root cause of this young boy's behavioral issues had to do with the fact that he was MISSING his left temporal lobe in his brain…in its place was a cyst the size of a tennis ball!

Dr. Amen had so much more fascinating stuff to share.  I hope you are able to register online for free to hear his presentation and that of the other presenters.  If you missed any previous presenters, you can click below to order the full access pass for all of the material.

The line up for Day 5:

1. Dr. Daniel Amen, Double Board Certified Psychiatrist; Author, The Amen Solution.  Dr. Amen covers the negative toxins to eliminate and the powerful proven steps for maximizing your brain health.

How Gluten Can Affect the Brain and How to Optimize Brain Function!

  • Train and mold your brain in exciting ways that decelerate aging.
  • 9 dangerous toxins that kill brain cells.
  • 7 simple steps that help protect, restore and reinvigorate your brain.

2. Andrew Keech, PhD, DSc, Author of Peptide Immunotherapy – Colostrum a Physician's Reference Guide.  Andrew focuses on what’s found to be one of the best “superfoods” for your immune system, gut, brain and more

Proline-Rich Polypeptides/Colostrum

  • The little-known benefits of colostrum.
  • How colostrum can help heal a leaky gut.
  • How colostrum can help with autoimmunity.

3. Nora Gedgaudas, Nutritionist; Author, Primal Body, Primal Mind.  Nora will be exposing many of the myths about paleo and other related diets, and delivering ancient nutritional wisdom that modern man is just now beginning to understand.

Gluten, Brain Development and What Really Helps Brain Growth

  • A paleo diet is a good starting point, but far from the ultimate diet.
  • How some people have “adapted” to eating grains, while many others have not.
  • 2 reasons why eating gluten multiplies the allergenic effect.

4. Peter Osborne, Founder,  Peter discusses “mold toxicity,” which very few people know about or actively consider.

How Cross-Reactivity, Molecular Mimicry and Mold Toxicity Can Seriously Impact Your Heal

  • How a 6-year-old boy with a terminal condition changed his diet and now thrives.
  • Why a certain high-calcium food produces subtle allergy-like reactions in people.
  • The 2 most commonly GMO-grown ingredients.

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