Line Up for Day 7 of the Gluten Summit

1. William Davis, MD, Best-selling Author, Wheat Belly

Modern Wheat: It's MORE than Wheat

Learn about four supplements that can help your body restore balance and aid in bringing down the bloating caused by years of wheat and grain consumption.

  • 13 areas of your health that immediately improve once you cut out wheat.
  • The little-known reason why many “gluten free” foods are bad for you.
  • Why you’re NOT eating the wheat or bread that Jesus ate!

2. Jaqui Karr, CSN, CVD, Certified Nutritionist & Healthy Lifestyle Expert

5 Secrets for a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle Without Gluten

Jaqui will help you unlock the full healing and energy potential of raw food, and multiply your energy levels without caffeine or other stimulants.

  • How to unlock the full healing and energy potential of raw food.
  • The secret to doubling or tripling your energy levels WITHOUT caffeine.
  • 10 simple food prep tips to make food healthier, better tasting and easier to digest.

3. Dave Asprey, Entrepreneur & Writer of BulletProof Exec Blog

Biohack Your Own Brain to Optimize Health and Performance

Dave lost 100 pounds, added 20 points to his IQ and become a leading executive in one of the most fiercely competitive industries on the planet. If you want to be leaner, smarter and more effective be sure you watch this one!

  • “Bio-hacking” to lose weight, become smarter and lead.
  • Why most coffee is ridden with toxic mold and a unique recipe that’s toxin free.
  • The miracle of MCT oil and how to use it in your daily diet.

4. Suzy Cohen, RPh, America's Pharmacist, Columnist, Author, Speaker

Hidden Sources of Gluten in Your Vitamins and Medications

If you take vitamins or medications, watch this presentation and take notes–most people have no clue just how common it is for gluten to be present in prescriptions, supplements and medications.

  • Additives in your medication that may be derived from gluten-contaminated sources.
  • The EXACT WORDS to use with pharmacists to ensure gluten-free medications.
  • A common filler present in MANY nutritional supplements that contains gluten!

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