Here are 3 ways to Bulletproof your family and you will survive the grocery store!

1. Before you walk inside of your grocery store, stop and take a breath.

So many times, we are rushed and mindlessly go shopping for our groceries, even if we have a list in our hands.  How many times have you gone into the store for only a few things and get to the checkout line with a cart full and somehow forget that one thing you really needed?

Stop and take a breath before you enter, be mindful.

2. Shop when you are hungry

Erewhon Market, Organic
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You have heard a 1,000 times that you shouldn't “shop when you're hungry”.  And you still fall into this trap all the time.  But, you can't just walk into the grocery store and grab a snack and eat it in the aisles.  That's embarrassing.

Well, no need to be embarrassed, at grocery stores like Erewhon Market, you can walk in hungry and step right up to the juice bar and get a Bulletproof shake or the classic Bulletproof coffee, or you can even have a bowl of bulletproof ice cream.  This will not only fill your stomach but will get your body in a fat burning mode and your brain in a razor sharp mode so you won't forget to get that one thing that brought you to the grocery store to begin with!

No more shopping when hungry and no more forgetting what you went into the store for.

3. Pick up that impulse item

If you are in a grocery like Erewhon Market in Los Angeles, you can feel comfortable picking up anything you want and know that is not going to kill you.

Why? because Erewhon Market is one of the few grocery stores that claim that “if it's here, it's good for you”.  They have 100% organic produce and prepared foods are made with the highest quality of ingredients that make them practically better than homemade.

Also, Erewhon is one of the only retail locations where you can purchase Bulletproof Exec products, as it is available only online.  So for your impulse item, I definitely recommend you pick up some Bulletproof Coffee or glutathione or MCT oil or other product to Bulletproof your day!

Of course you can click here to see all the available Bulletproof product online.

Here is what the Erewhon standard states:

We make every effort to bring you local products that are farmed and produced, ethically, with respect for the earth and gratitude for the workers on whose grueling work we depend.

“The following products, which are commonly used as ingredients, additives, preservatives or flavorings in the food industry, will NOT be found here at Erewhon.”  (Did you even know that these things are bad for you?):

  • Refined flour
  • Refined sugar
  • Yeast extract
  • Corn syrup
  • Corn starch (unless organic)
  • Soybean oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Mono-solium glutamate
  • Natural flavors (unless source is stated and approved)
  • Artificial flavors and colors

 Here's to Bulletproofing your family at Erewhon market in Los Angeles, CA!

Next, we are off to the 2014 BulletProof Biohacking Conference to bring you and your family more protection to help you get healthier fast.

PS- FamilyForHealth felt right at home because we walked in for a Bulletproof Breakfast and stayed hours enjoying every inch of the store.  We even stayed for lunch and bought some of the prepared foods and enjoyed them out on their patio.  The kid's appreciated this “field trip” because they got to meet and eat lunch next to the musicians from the Dancing with the Stars band which films just next door to Erewhon!

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