It's Family Friday and I'm SO excited to introduce you to a guest blogger who is like Family to me. Rosie the Reviver is from my ITN Family and is a fellow Transformational Nutrition Coach on a similar mission to help families get healthier!

But, (insert the sweet goo's and aww's here), Rosie focus' on healthier babies!!! awww…

Rosie's specific mission is to “empower parents by providing them with nourishing tools to increase fertility, encourage flourishing fetal development, & set the building blocks to allow their children to thrive.”

Today, Rosie is sharing something FUN with a SIMPLE How-To template that ANY family, with a baby or a big kids, can do!

And if you want to GIVE a unique GIFT that keeps on GIVING then your family is going to want to do this TODAY!

Here's Rosie for you…

Raise your hand if you've ever had a hard time turning your brain off before bed. I know my hand is up.

Being a busy wife, mom, & businesswoman can sometimes mean that there is more to do in a day than there is time for.

That being said, some of my favorite ideas have come to me just before I drift to sleep. My current favorite is what I'm going to share with you today! It's all about family, fun, & learning.

but first, let's talk learning…

Every experience can be a learning experience

I love thinking of ways to turn everyday activities into opportunities to learn! A simple walk in the fresh air can be a lesson about colors or a conversation about how our bodies move.

Even though my son is just an infant now, I actually get giddy imagining the adventures that we will get ourselves into as he grows. I feel like I have an opportunity & responsibility to make life & learning fun. That thought brings me so much joy!

I want the whole family to learn together

When we share experiences we create memories & a stronger bond. A family is a team. We all contribute different strengths & play our best when we are playing together! Life is better when we choose to BE together.

Learning should be fun

Sometimes a traditional classroom setting can make learning seem like a chore. When we use family experiences as a way to learn, we bring an element of fun & love to education.

Learning is not just about math, science, & reading either. Those are all wonderful things, but we also get a lot when we give. Being generous with our time, mind, & hearts can bring us many gifts in return. Sometimes learning through giving is the most fun of all!

So what idea did I come up with in my sleepy thoughts?

It all began with me thinking about things that I want my son to be exposed to often; love, diligence, exploration, creativity, & giving, to name a few.

Being the wanna-be-crafter that I am, I wanted to come up with something that we could physically touch & use to encourage family learning opportunities that incorporated the things that I listed above.

Then I came up with THE CUBE.

Each side is marked with a family activity; ours are marked as:

  • Explore the City [this includes everything from museums to landmarks]
  • Family Hike or Walk [the idea is to try somewhere new each time!]
  • Random act of Kindness [do something wonderful without expecting anything in return]
  • Build or Create Something Together [woodwork to mini-books to paper crafts]
  • Cook Together [our rule is that it has to be a new recipe!]
  • Charity Day [give our time & resources to aid a local need]

All I needed for this craft was:

  • paper
  • colored pencils
  • scissors
  • tape
  • my family


On a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, cut out the shape in the image to the right. I used a toy block to make all of the squares the same size! Cut along all of the solid lines only. Write the desired activities & fun images on each individual square. Then fold along all of the dotted lines so that the activities & images are on the outside. Tape it all together!

Rosie the Reviver, Family For Health
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It's super easy, lot's of fun, & can be modified to fit your own family.

Are you wondering what to do with it?

We plan on rolling our cube once a week & then coming up with a fun way to live it out, together.

Here's to living, laughing, loving, & learning as a family!!

Rosie The Reviver
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I love babies. Ok, ok, I like adults too! I suppose I’m just enthralled with the tiny humans that we call children. They are truly incredible. I studied them my entire life, & earned my degree in Child & Family Development. It wasn’t until after college that I learned how intertwined nutrition & development were & my life hasn’t been the same since! I have dedicated myself to learning & implementing tools to live a holistic lifestyle–solely for the purpose of building my body for my babies. I have had tremendously wonderful personal results along the way, which only fuel my fire to live more purely. Now, after bringing my son into the world (& experiencing an exhausting pregnancy), I am on a mission to support parents to be & help bring many, many, many more healthy babies into the world…yours!

Rochelle Rose |

Want more info on Rosie or know a Soon-to-be mommy or mommy with a baby that can use some of Rosie's Nourishing Tools for Healthier Babies? Then go and visit Rosie at her website for some great resources!
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