Halloween is over…now what do you do with all that candy?

Halloween Candy
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If you celebrated Halloween, we hope that you enjoyed a safe, happy and healthy evening. I know it is extremely difficult to stay health conscious during any holidays, parties or any time of celebration for that matter. But, hopefully, you stuck with the 80/20 rule with the Halloween and candy and didn’t go to overboard. I can say that after 8 years of having children, this is the first year where I did not dig into their candy buckets. Really, it took me that long to make the healthy choice to just say no to all the delicious smelling and plentiful candy that seems to just overflow in their buckets and jump into my hands every Halloween night!  But, just because it took me that long, doesn’t mean it has to be the same for you. You can do it!

Let me share what finally motivated me to step away from the candy. I wish I could say that I was finally and truly motivated by not wanting to eat GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), highly-processed, refined sugar-loaded, artificially-flavored, high-calorie candy. But, that wasn’t the motivation. Even though my daily diet stayed away from all of that, I always turned a blind eye to party foods like Halloween candy. I ALWAYS made sure to apply the 80/20 rule to Halloween candy and I always had some and sometimes some more candy on Halloween night. But, I finally stepped away from the candy after my terrible experience from last year’s Halloween in 2012. I got sick! And I mean sick!  The day after Halloween, I could not get out of bed! I was so weak and so tired that I thought I had the flu.

After I got over my sickness three days later, I spoke with my trainer/nutritionist and she helped me realize that my body got sick from my Halloween candy sugar overload! Let me repeat that, I got sick from my Halloween candy sugar overload!  I had been eating so well for the – staying away from eating GMO, highly processed, refined sugar-loaded, artificially flavored, high calorie candy and other foods. My body was no longer used to these terrible foods and it was screaming back out at me loud and clear that it did not like it and it was not going to take it anymore. So this year, I remembered that terrible day after Halloween 2012 and I realized I needed to take control of my own health and resist having any Halloween candy.

The new way in which I applied the 80/20 rule was that I packed one bar of organic dark chocolate for the four of us to share on Halloween night.

We enjoy the Alter Eco Brand of chocolate bars as they are organic and fairly traded.  They also have the least amount of ingredients necessary, and especially important, they have NO soy lecithin!  Here is the one we ate last night, 63% Dark Cacao made up of only cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs and vanilla beans.

I am extremely proud to say that this was our very first Halloween where none of us, not even our children had a Halloween candy and we were able to do that because we have made our health shift and can weigh the consequences of our choices. We did NOT deprive the children of anything, because they were super happy to enjoy their organic dark chocolate bar.

Get it out of the House!

Now, the final step to ending Halloween is getting that candy out of the house ASAP!  Our family will not touch our left over Halloween candy. But, if you do not want to feel tempted by candy in any way, now is the time to get it out of the house.  Let's face it, Halloween candy calories aren't very forgiving nor nutritious either!  Here are some ideas of how we pass on our Halloween candy:

1. Realtors and Dentists usually have candy trade in programs, sometimes even offering $1 per pound of candy
2. Restaurants sometimes have trade in programs. In our area, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos will give you one free child’s meal for a bag of candy on November 1-3
3.  Operation Gratitude sends care packages to U.S. Military and accepts candy donations for the packages. We do hope you consider sending a little something else like a letter and perhaps even donations of dental hygiene products such as:

• Commercially-sealed Lip Balm
• Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
• Dental Floss
• Mouthwash

4. Our last suggestion is to do arts and crafts with the candy. But, this is only an option if you will not be tempted by keeping the candy in your home. Our children love to make art scenes, sculptures, bridges and more with their candy. We also save some of our candy to decorate our Christmas Holiday gingerbread houses with.  And, again, we treat this as art and do not eat our gingerbread houses.  We have some great leftover Halloween candy recipes for art that we will share as Christmas nears.

I hope this short and sweet list of how to get rid of your Halloween candy helps. Now, go ahead… you can do it! Get rid of your Halloween candy now and enjoy a healthier day after Halloween.

What have you done with your leftover Halloween candy?

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