Your family loves chips- I know we all love them, we crave them, & our kids beg for them.

You can't avoid eating chips, they're the perfect crunchy and salty snack and you can even eat them on the go.

Sad to say that practically the entire chip industry is dominated by unhealthy options and even the ones you find at your natural food stores.  Almost all potato chips are fried in some of the worst and toxic vegetable oils or oil blends making them the worst snack ever.

Not to mention the artificial colors, preservatives, GMO soy, GMO corn, MSG and other addictive and toxic ingredients.  Because of this, you can't just eat one chip…Eek!!!

So how do you find the healthiest chip?

There is just one and simple way how to find a healthy chip:

Pick a chip that actually has ingredients you can pronounce!

Don't decide whether to buy a chip based on the advertising banners on the front of the package, like “All Natural”, look at the back for the ingredients. The ingredient list of most processed snacks, like chips, contain tons of chemicals, preservatives, and additives, giving these snacks their addictive taste. So, BEWARE!

There are so many chips out there that have ingredients a mile long. This is not an ingredient label anymore, it's more like a chemical label. So, watch out for those chips and look for the ones that have a real food ingredients.

One great example is the Jackson Honest Sea Salt chip. The ingredients are :

Boom- nothing else, plain and simple ingredients!

Look for these key words in the ingredients list so you can easily pick the healthiest chip in the ever so tempting chip aisle:  Organic, non-GMO and even look for the type of oil used.

Generally most of the chips in the market  used unhealthy  oil as you can’t fry in sunflower, corn, or canola oil without completely making them bad for your health. Coconut oil is known and proven as best choice in deep frying chips.

Here are just few benefits of coconut oil: Maintain cholesterol level, weight loss, boosted immune system, proper digestion and regulated metabolism, and provides relief from high blood pressure & diabetes.

Your kids love food in colors, right?

They love colored yogurt, colored chips, colored crackers, colored everything. They are just so appealing to our kids that they beg for them, they bug for them, and you give in. .

Have you seen  and tasted the purple potato chips?

Purple chips are rising to fame! Suprisingly, it's  one of the latest food fads. Why? Well, unlike white potatoes, purple potatoes are rich in antioxidant and anthocyanin. These characteristics are responsible for cardiovascular disease prevention, obesity control, and diabetes alleviation.

And the purple potatoes definitely adds fun and color to your kids snack at school or at home. Here is a purple chip that is Non-GMO, safe enough for you to give to your kids.

Jackson Honest Potato Chips:Purple Heirloom

Ingredients are:

  • Non-GMO Heirloom Potatoes
  • Organic coconut oil
  • and Sea salt

Again, plain and easy to pronounce ingredients. True to its name their ingredients for their chips are so honestly shown, no hidden ingredients applied!

So if you pick up a chip bag where you can't pronounce ingredients or they have something like colored dye # blank (like: FD&C Red 40) then you want to stay away from that chip. Stay away from that with a 100-foot pole!!!

I wouldn't recommend artificial colored anything because studies have shown and proven that artificial colors and dyes have actually been linked to ADD, ADHD, and even cancer.

Here's one more BONUS orange colored chip I want to share with you! It's my favorite chip: Jackson Honest Sweet Potato Chips (Ingredients: Non-GMO Sweet Potatoes, Organic Coconut Oil and Sea Salt).

Next time you're looking for something to put in your kids lunch box  especially if your kids complains that “well my friends take chips for snack” or you go to a party and there just not any kind of chip you want to eat. Check out this Jackson Honest Chips.

These chips are crunchy, perfectly salty, and kettle-fried in coconut oil.  A gluten free snack for you and your kids!

You can see these chips in whole foods or you can go online here for the cheapest price delivered right to your door {for free}!!!

Did this article help you?  I stopped eating chips for a while until I found these.  My family won't ever give up eating chips. Will you???



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