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Hormone optimization: The key to high performance physical and mental health.
Inflammation is the Enemy: Diet, infection testing, and lifestyle choices to reduce dangerous chronic inflammation.
The utility of SPECT scan imaging: Assess brain health and future risk.

July 10, 2014
Registration & Networking: 6:00pm-6:45pm
Presentation and Q&A: 6:45pm-8:00pm
(healthy and delicious hors d'oeuvres will be provided)

Location: Eureka Building1621 Alton Parkway | Irvine California 92606

 Cost $40.00 online, $50.00 at the door.

All Proceeds From this event are contributed to the OCYE High School Scholarship Fund.


Mark Filidei, D.O.

Director of Integrative Medicine | Amen Clinics

Dr. Mark Filidei is an Internal Medicine physician and is the Director of Integrative Medicine for the Amen Clinics. Integrative Medicine brings together conventional medicine with complementary and alternative therapies. Dr Filidei’s approach is to find the root cause of a person’s health problems including metabolic, genetic, and environmental factors, and to treat those problems in as natural a way as possible by using targeted nutritional supplements, correcting hormone and metabolic imbalances, improving lifestyle and diet, and detecting and treating toxin exposure and infections. At the heart of the Amen Method is the understanding that in order to effectively treat the brain, you must treat the entire body. As an expert in this field, Dr. Filidei advises not only patients at the Amen Clinics, but the physicians as well.

Dr. Filidei is highly experienced in integrative/alternative medicine modalities as well as conventional medicine and sees patients in person at the Amen Clinics Newport Beach. In addition, he also makes himself available for consultations via Skype and over the phone with patients from all other Amen Clinics. Prior to joining the Amen Clinics, he served as the medical director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute, the largest Integrative Medicine clinic in the United States where he spent over a decade treating thousands of patients for multiple complex medical issues. Dr. Filidei is well versed in utilizing a variety of therapies to help strengthen, heal, and detoxify the body including Hormone replacement Therapy, IV therapies, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Metabolic/Functional Medicine. He is board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management. Dr. Filidei also specializes in treating pain patients with Prolotherapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma), which can treat many chronic pain conditions without surgery.

Dr. Filidei received his undergraduate degree in Physiology from the University of California Davis, his medical degree from UNT Health Science Center in Texas, completed his internship at Tulane University and his residency in Internal Medicine at the Ivy League’s Brown University. He is also on staff at UC Irvine as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine where he teaches medical students and residents.


Michael Ortiz

Founder | Family For Health

Michael Ortiz is a seasoned and proven Management Business Consultant for RGP with a focus on Supply Chain and Operations Management in many industries, including healthcare, consumer goods and electronics, medical devices and manufacturing.

As successful as he was in business, it wasn't until a few years ago that he realized the missing piece…Health and Wellness.  Upon incorporating a new healthy lifestyle approach, Michael was able to level-up his performance in all areas of life, including work, family, and parenting.   With a greater clarity of mind, and a lighter and more fit body, he experiences a genuine presence and appreciation in all that he does.

As a result of this health shift, Michael, his wife, Elaine, and two young children founded FamilyForHealth.com to help busy families get healthier faster through small shifts for immediate impact.

Family For Health's mission is “pay it forward in health” by connecting and relating its followers to current expert advice in the health, wellness and mindfulness areas at a level that entire families could understand with tools to easily incorporate into their own lives.  Please join Family For Health in their mission to pay it forward joining their community here.

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Amen Clinics

Presentation By: The Amen Clinics

The Amen Clinics, founded in 1989, put into practice the groundbreaking brain research and decades of professional experience of Dr. Daniel Amen, a highly-lauded advocate of brain imaging and pioneer of natural, brain-oriented treatment for some of humanity’s most common ailments. Using SPECT imaging and other diagnostic tools, such as QEEG and laboratory studies when appropriate, he and his staff of highly-trained, board-certified professionals help people across the country and the world with a wide range of issues, from attentional problems, anxiety issues, mood problems, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, addictions, obesity, memory, learning and behavioral problems.

Eureka Building

Venue location: Eureka Building

The Eureka (“U-re-ka”) Building is a 3-acre campus-style creative space in Irvine, California created to help accelerate innovation. Its goal is to support local entrepreneurship by giving innovative companies and entrepreneurs in Orange County a home that is centrally located and easily accessed. Through partnerships we are more than just a home, we are a support network hosting start-up events and fostering mentor-ship relationships with our partners all within one of the most creative spaces in the region.

Shawna Rust Fitness Chef

Catering By: Shawna Rust Fitness Chef

Visionary and nutrition advocate Shawna RustT is a certified personal trainer and a health conscious private chef. Combining her passion for cooking with her desire to educate clients on a broader level as to how they should be eating daily to maintain proper nutrition, Shawna launched her namesake brand. This comprehensive, custom tailored meal plan service has become an in-demand luxury for a vast base of clientele who value proper nutrition, delicious, high quality food and reliable service.

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