The not-so-perfect family

Did you ever watch any of the family sitcoms from the '50s?  You know the ones, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, or The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

I'll admit, these shows first aired well before my time, but I do recall watching them as reruns while growing up.  You too, right?

Do you remember what your thoughts were of the happy, go-lucky families that were on these shows?  I remember that everything always seemed to be perfect.  Perfect pressed clothes.  Perfect parenting. Perfect clean homes.  Perfect, Perfect Perfect! 🙂

It's as if those families, had family living down to a science, even an art form.  They were living a family life that resembled the depictions by fine artists such as Norman Rockwell.

As a kid, you probably didn't notice those things while you watched the show.  If you were like me, you only saw Beaver getting into trouble on the way home from school and Ward being “a little too hard on the Beaver”.

But, now, as an adult, I see things a bit differently.  I see that it's never so perfect.  I see that the parents were only trying to keep an orderly home so that the family could thrive in their relationship and health.  And as they strived to do so, their marriage and their bond with their kids grew.

Isn't that what you want for your home?  I know that's my wish.  June Cleaver always seemed happy. And, you know how the saying goes, “A happy wife is a happy life.” I couldn't agree more.  Here are my not-so-secret secrets to having a “Ward and June Cleaver” marriage.

Contrary to what we saw on these shows, family life is never perfect.  In fact, if it's perfect, then it's likely that you're not challenging it enough to grow it in an abundant manner.

It's progress, not perfection, that we should chase as an individual, in business and as a family.

Celebrate the Fine Art of Family

At Family For Health, we wish to celebrate the fine art of healthy family living.  And what better way to do so than on Fridays.  So, Fridays for us are hereby identified as Family Friday (#FamilyFriday).

So what does that mean?…I'm not quite sure yet.  Remember, it's about progress not perfection! 🙂

But for now, we plan on highlighting some fun and healthy family living in our social media stream and blog.  It could be time enjoying the kids at the park, eating meals together as a family, at the beach.  You name it.  And not just us, we welcome others to post their moments and tag them with #FamilyFriday.

It could as simple as having breakfast with your daughter. Or it could be that perfect day you spent with your wife and kids that may be forever marked in your mind and heart as one of the best days!

The perfect day, for me, is a balance of the things you must do, with the things you want to do with the people you can't image doing it without.

Here's a photo collage of a day where we got to practice the fine art of Family living, all during one amazing and perfect day!  Check out the story behind the pictures on our Instagram feed.

Join the discussion

What are some of your “perfect” days?  How do you celebrate your family and the fine art of healthy living?  Please comment below and share in the discussion.

It's not so much about changing what we do to have a “perfect” day, rather it's having a different mindset while doing what we do that makes something memorable and “perfect”.  Make those memories for your kids' sake. How? Read this article as a start.

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