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That's a trick I use so that my “Mommy Brain” doesn't take over and I forget to read an article that is going to help me stress less and be a healthier and calmer Mom.

“Mommy Brain” happens to all of us.  It takes over whether you are with your kids or not.  And the forgetful and confused mommy brain strikes us the minute our babies are born and stays with us for the rest of our lives.

Remember when you were young and your mother called you by the wrong name?  She would be all heated up and would get so confused that she even called you your brother's name? Or she would say, “I mean YOU, whatever your name is”!  And you thought, has my mom gone craaazy? I'll never do that!

Then you had a child and you got a “Mommy Brain”!  Yes, your brain can have super heightened senses when it comes to protecting your child from gluten sensitivities and food allergies.  But, you can also forget why you walked into a room.  Or, you walk out of the grocery store with a cart full of bags only to forget to buy the one thing you went to the store for in the first place.

After watching the Disney/Pixar's Inside Out Movie this weekend as a family, I am more convinced that we need to take control of our “Mommy Brain and YOU can do it just by relaxing and drinking a cup of tea.

Just like you watched your grandma drink tea and you thought, ‘I'll never do that as a mom.  Tea is for old ladies'.

Here's how you can enjoy tea and not feel like you need to wear a “Red Hat”:

Take “Tea” Minutes For Yourself.

That can mean two, ten, or how ever many minutes you want!

3 simple steps…

Step 1: Boil Water

Increase water intake:

“Given that your brain is about 80% water, the first rule of brain nutrition is adequate water to hydrate your brain. Even slight dehydration can raise stress hormones which can damage your brain over time.

Drink at least 84 ounces of water a day. It is best to have your liquids unpolluted with artificial sweeteners, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. You can use herbal, non-caffeinated tea bags, such as raspberry or strawberry flavored, and make unsweetened iced tea.

Green tea is also good for brain function as it contains chemicals that enhance mental relaxation and alertness.” — Daniel Amen, MD

Step 2: Brew Organic Tea

Organic is key, because tea leaves are delicate and if not organic, they are highly sprayed with pesticides which hurt your brain.  So, don't forget “ORGANIC”.

Step 3: Sit, Sip & Savor

Preferably in your favorite, comfiest spot in the house or in your backyard.  But even if it's sitting in the car shuttling your kids around town, this still works like magic!

Savor as Your Mommy Brain gets a brain boost.

What type of tea to drink?

This is one of the more frequently asked questions I get from my clients when we are talking about tea, “what type of tea should I drink?”

1. Your favorite tea

There is something big to say about enjoying your favorite things in life.  They stimulate your happy hormone in your brain, serotonin. Serotonin, the happy brain chemical responsible for mood, sleep, and appetite. For women this is especially important, as we have 52% less serotonin than men, according to my friend, Dr. Daniel Amen.

2. Green Tea

Ground-breaking new research from Switzerland showing that green tea is not only great for the body. This superfood may also have an important influence on the brain by boosting cognitive function (your thinking power, particularly working memory) and may be worth studying as a treatment for dementia.

3. Relaxed Mind Yogi Tea

Yogi’s blissful blend begins with Helichrysum, used in Western Herbalism for centuries and believed by herbalists to uplift the subconscious. Then we add Shankpushpi, used in Ayurveda to support cognition. We finish this unique formula with aromatic Lavender and Organic Sage, herbs traditionally used to balance your mood and nurture creativity.  You can read more about it by clicking here to Yogi's website.

(Yogi also makes a great Detox tea that we like a lot too and wrote about it here).

My Mommy Brain Just Remembered!

After having a cup of tea, my Mommy Brain just remembered this quote by Henry James (tell me if you like it):

“…there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

I’ll a raise a cup to that!

Share in the comments below what your favorite tea is?  Or, share which new flavor you will try.

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