Eating Healthy – Even When You “Can't”

The pain of my past creeps up on me sometimes.

I'm forcing myself to stay in bed and rest today.  Because if I don't rest, my immune system crashes and I get the pain from my shingles back in my nerves…. And then, I physically can't even get out of bed.

Living a healthy lifestyle while being a MOM can be very difficult.  But, we MUST listen to our bodies.

Please, PLEASE… Don't do what I did and ignore the gut feeling that you might be doing something wrong. Or that you know you can do better and you don't listen to the signs your body gives you.

Listen to your body before it screams in pain or throws an illness at you!

I have been trying to do too much lately.  I'm not getting enough sleep. I'm stressing out (way too much) about things I can't control.  And my body is telling me… That's ENOUGH!!

Here's what I'm doing today.  And I hope my example helps you avoid being in pain.

  1.  Ask for help

  2. Have a plan

  3. Rest


1. Ask. Ask. Ask

Too many times we are afraid to ask for help.

Guess what? You're the type of person who is always helping others.  So when you ask for help, others will be happy to have the chance to do something for you in return.

2. Have a plan

Eating healthy and living healthy is a lifestyle. There is no magic pill or potion that helps you get permanently out of your pain.  But, there are things you can do right away that will bring you recovery and that healthy lifestyle you dream of – faster.

I couldn't even drive my kids to school this morning, so I don't know what I would do without a PLAN like HealthyFamilyMealPlans right now.

I selected 6 meals (all of them are one pot meals, 1 is a slow cooker recipe).

With the click of a button it made my shopping list of exactly what and how much of everything I need for the next 6 meals!

I emailed the shopping list to my husband (and I copied and pasted it into a text message) so there were no excuses and he could just swing by the market on his way home.

It won't take him long because I already clicked off the items we already have in the pantry. And it's divided by sections of the grocery store. So, he can't come home without that ingredient he just couldn't find.  Boom! Grocery Shopping and Healthy dinner Menu done –  right from my bed.

3. Rest

What my husband doesn't know, is that I'm going to “Ask” him to please follow “The Plan” and cook these meals for me because I'm gonna to keep staying in bed, because my body really needs to Rest.

The good thing, is that the recipes are so quick and easy to make, he won't have time to complain. 😉

And again, I picked the chop, dump and bake recipes – so even the kids could make it if they had too.

I don't know how long my body will need to rest.  But today, I couldn't take care of kids or get into the shower by myself.

But, I do know we will all eat healthy meals while I rest.

Have you ever been so sick you couldn't even take care of yourself, let alone your family?  I feel for you and you are welcome to share so that you know that you are not alone.    You are also welcome to come back ANYTIME here or at to see recipes that you can ASK a loved one or friend to cook for you.



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