And, I don't just mean to ask is your DVR ready to record the Oscar Red carpet pre show, Oscar Show and Post Party Recaps.

I mean, are you feeling and looking your very best, your “HealthySexy”, Red Carpet ready self?

I'm going to show you how to get Red Carpet Ready but first…

What is your RED CARPET?

You may not be a celeb that gets their every move posted on TMZ for all to see, but you are a VIP: Very Important Person and you have daily red carpet moments.

Is your red carpet an office that you walk into for work, or is it a school drop off and pick up line, or is it your favorite coffee or tea shop, or is it just walking into your kitchen everyday?  Any one or more of these is your red carpet to your VIP life.

Work with me here and get that visual of your Red carpet in your life and then get ready to ROCK IT!  because it all starts with the attitude.  That self-confident and positive HealthySexy attitude that celebrities have when they walk that red carpet.  Well, guess what?  You can rock your red carpet just like the celebrities do when they look sexy walking dow the Oscars' red carpet!

And guess what, it's not going to cost you a thing to look more like these celebrities because you will not need their private trainers, or private chefs or plastic surgeons that cost them mega bucks because you have complete freedom and control over your attitude.

This HealthySexy mind shift is completely FREE and you own it!  So work it!

How to start building that red carpet ready Healthy Sexy confident attitude

You probably know the saying “You are what you eat”.

But, there is also another saying that my teacher, friend and celebrity nutritionist, Cynthia Pasquella says that is critical to you being red carpet ready.  Cynthia says “You eat what you are”!

Oooh…  Did you get that, “You eat what you are”.

Think about it, if you are lounging around at home or at the school drop off line in those roomy yoga pants and that roomy tee, you will feel like you have plenty of roomy room to eat those donuts, cookies or that ice-cream.  Because there is room for that stuff and “You eat what you are”.

But, if you get up and get dressed in a cute outfit every day to look your red carpet best to go into your favorite coffee shop, you are going to feel like you do not even want to squeeze that donut into those skinny jeans and that cute and sexy fitted tee you are wearing so you will just order your coffee or tea and strut your cute little self out of that coffee shop because “You eat what you are”.

You make that healthy eating choice because “You eat what you are” and you are a HealthySexy VIP!  You are the leading lady/man of your life so chose to eat real organic whole foods because “You eat what you are” and you are a super star!

With that HealthySexy attitude, you will continue to strut that cute HealthySexy you to your errands and through your lunch hour and to that school pick up line because you feel great because you have made healthy eating choices throughout your day because “You eat what you are”!

Please share what is your daily red carpet?

Mine starts with just coming downstairs to my kitchen where I am no longer coming down in my stretchy yoga pants unless I am really going off to yoga!  🙂

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