Isn't it crazy how your family can eat a big bag of chips in just one sitting?

I agree with you, chip bags are filled with a lot of air.  But, isn't it even more mind blowing how when you're stressed out and tired, you can eat a whole big bag of chips in just one sitting by yourself! Yikes!

Why is it so darn easy to eat a bag of salty, crunchy junk food in just one sitting, but you can't get your kids to stay still enough at the dinner table to take just one bite of a piece of broccoli.

Does your family think healthy food tastes bad?

Chances are you answered yes.

Quick question, which tastes better: kale or chips? Ok, how about broccoli or chips?

See what I mean? Research shows that, in general, people, especially kids, think that: Broccoli=bad; Chips=Good.

No wonder it’s so hard to teach kids to eat right. I hear you and say, “Kale Yeah it can be hard!!! BUT, it doesn't have to be!

As parents, we always tell our kids that they “HAVE TO” eat their veggies first before they can have dessert.

Almost every parent when it comes to food, reinforces the message that “Healthy” food is bad and that “Unhealthy” food is good.  We do this when we “force” our kids to eat their veggies.

How can we stop the bribing?

So how do we stop bribing our kids with “good” tasting treats (cookies, donuts, brownies) and get them to eat the real “good” food (broccoli, veggies, fruits), which by the way, can also be good tasting if you just know how to make them that way.

You do it by making 1 simple food swap at a time and one mind shift at a time.  Here's how…

Encourage your kids to eat fruits and vegetable by serving it frequently.  Don't even buy and bring in the junk-filled chips into your house and just make fresh fruits and veggies available to your kid.

Keep it all eye level in your pantry and in your fridge.  Just like the cereal aisle does with the green leprechaun.

You need to market healthy foods to your kids.

Why? Because the more familiar your kids become with fruits and vegetables the more they will eat them!

So, if it's chips your kids are always eating, try swapping them for the healthy chip recipe below.  And if you need to ease them into swapping the junk-filled chips that turn their fingers orange, try these chips with real food ingredients.

Now, before you say, BUT, my kids will never go for that chip swap.  Remember, I gave you 2 healthy/er chip solutions.  You must try them before you doubt your child.

But, but, but… I know you've got a lot of reasons why your kids will never eat this recipe.  Well,  you just need to make 1 simple mind shift at a time to help your family get healthier fast.

So, if you don't think that your kids can live without the junk food, those so called “cool” ranch chips that you end up eating more of than your kids do.  It's okay.

Know that those so called “cool chips” are designed by not so cool giant food companies that purposely make those chips addicting with the help of food scientist balancing out just the right ratios of unhealthy fats, gmo corn, gmo soy, refined salt, additives, and preservatives that make them just the right ratio of ADDICTING.

But, remember, YOU are your child's biggest and most important role model.  Not the big giant food companies.

Simple swaps are key.

The other thing to remember is that food association, emotional eating, stress eating all starts when we are kids…  So, simple swaps and exposing your kids to real food, even multiple times without forcing them to eat it all is key.

The giant food companies don't give up on influencing and neither should you.

So let me share with you this healthy recipe you can serve to your kids as a snack or as a side dish.

The star of this recipe is none other than KALE!

And you will now be turning this healthy superfood food, KALE, into the best of both worlds…Kale CHIPS!  Can I get a “Kale Yeah??!!

Kale is one of our all-time favorite vegetables. That dark green color means it's packed full of goodness in both flavor and nutrients.

=> Kale contains many vitamins and minerals, helps reduce inflammation, is an antioxidant and is filled with calcium and fiber.

When you try these irresistible kid-friendly snack, your kids will start to crave kale!

Roasted Kale Crisps


  • 1 bunch organic kale (green curly leaf)
  • 1-1/2 tbsp. coconut oil, melted
  • ¼ tsp. truffle salt or pink Himalayan Sea salt


1. Remove leaves from rinser and dry kale stems and tear into pieces. Place into a large bowl.

2. Combine and cover leaves with coconut oil using hands.

3. Spread leaves over parchment paper-lined 8×8 baking dish in one layer with spaces in between. Sprinkle salt and optional seasoning.

4. Roast in 350 degrees F oven for 15 minutes.

Optional step: After 10 minutes of roasting, gently turn or stir leaves and roast for remaining 5 minutes.

Note: Leaves may be crisp or chewy. Adjust roasting time to taste.

Baking kale for a brief time doesn’t damage its nutrients, so these are chips that deliver all the goodness of kale.

And since these are a salty and crunchy chip, you'll see that you and your kids can't eat just one! The whole bunch will be gone before you know it!

Finally, remember that pressuring kids to eat something they don't want only makes them want to eat that food even less.


So market healthy food to your kids.  The cereal aisle does it and it works.  You should do it too.

Give it a name!

Call these Kale Chips “Dinosaur Chips” because they look like an old dinosaur.  And let me know in the comments below how your marketing / role modeling works.

You can do it MAMA!

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