BBQ's Are Ready!

It's Summer time, and so that means it's time to warm up the bar-b-que grills!  Now, kick it up a notch with vegetables!

Grilling vegetables is one of the easiest and most deliciously decadent, rich and flavorful ways to eat more vegetables. No matter what type of eating style you prefer, you know that you need to eat more vegetables to have that “Healthy Sexy” body you want to have or want to maintain.

Below is how to do it!

3 Basic Ingredients

All you need 3 basic ingredients for your personalized gourmet meal fit to be served on a silver platter alongside your choice of protein

1. Vegetables

All kinds, any kinds and lots of them. Lots of decadent and beautiful vegetables! Go with what is in season to get the most vibrant and freshest flavor while you save money at the same time. Buy organic to get the most pure vitamins and nutrients and to aid in the natural detoxification process.

Our bunny detox article will show you how to saving time and money on detoxing while allowing your food to do that for you. Buy an array of colors for that visual beauty and stylish presentation. You will create a natural feast for your eyes that will entice you and your family to eat more vegetables.

Chopped Veggies-lowres
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2. Fresh Herbs and Spices

Use sea salt, pink Himalayan sea salt, or any nutrient-dense, un-processed natural salt to bring out the bursting flavors of your vegetables. Plus any fresh or dried herbs and spices you desire.

These herbs and spices will give your vegetables that decadent gourmet flavor and visual beauty and will be overflowing with nutrients and will aid in natural detoxification.

Fresh herbs preparation, Family For Health
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3. Healthy Fats

Use butter, ghee, coconut oil or palm oil. Healthy Fats on your vegetables will not only add rich flavors to your vegetables, it will give you that desire to eat more vegetables. They will naturally help your body absorb more of the vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables.Thank you Fats! We love fats! Fats are luxuriously flavorful while optimizing your brain health and pampering your metabolism to work it's magic for you and your body.

Now the Preparation

Involve the whole family!

This is a way to lighten the work load, building family community and bonding time that makes impactful memories. It gives you that luxury of time to have fun together as a family and to chat and catch up!

Everyone can help, even toddlers. Your basic ingredients need to be washed so put them in a big bowl of water and let your toddler give the veggies a bath. You can even give them a vegetable scrubber.

Someone can help with peeling, chopping or even just tearing herbs by hand.

You can use simple kitchen tools or simple and gourmet tools like this favorite of ours a Julienne hand peeler.

Set up

Let the natural beauty of your real food speak for itself by placing your visually stunning vegetables on platters. Again, let the family help and mix the colors on big platters or separate the colors and vegetables onto regular plates. Let your creativity flourish and thrive through your presentation.

You are essentially setting up a vegetable buffet and who doesn't ALWAYS overdo it a little and overfill their plate from the buffet table?

Well, this is the one of a kind healthy real food gourmet buffet table you, your family and guests should, and MUST, overdo a little or a lot on. In a gourmet classy way of course!

How Do You Cook These Decadent, Nutrient Rich Gourmet Vegetables?

You wrap them up in your very own personalized and stylized vegetable pocket by using a piece of foil. Viola! So simple!

Shiny, shimmery foil that looks like a precious metal and serves as your silver platter! This foil wrapped vegetable pocket will become your special and exciting gift that you will flush you with excitement as you await to open this beautiful custom made package.

Especially made for you. Carefully designed by you!

Talk about an emotionally uplifting feast for all of your senses that you are making, and so much happen for you by trying this recipe!

Veggies in foil-lowres
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Recipe Recap – Packaging and Tying it Up with a Bow:

  • Foil
  • Vegetables
  • Healthy Fat
  • Herbs and spices
  • Wrap it up in custom way
  • Grill on a BBQ or in your oven for 10 minutes or so.

This all depends on your personal preference and desired texture of your vegetables.

The Luxurious Meal for Your Silver Platter

The incredible and luxurious health benefits of this simple recipe will result in a big impact for you and those you share this with.

Eating is about abundance, not restrictions.

This recipe is an abundant buffet of vegetables that were made for you and designed for you to nourish your body, give you more energy and vibrancy and keep you fuller longer so that you naturally look and feel incredible!

Sharing and giving fills our soul! This recipe is meant to be shared as a family from preparation to enjoyment.

Sharing this family time to get food on your plate quicker serves as in impactful time to share and make family memories.

Chatting while you work creates more fun and makes cooking go by that much faster.

And as a bonus you can share this recipe when entertaining guests. Often times, we don't know what to serve guests or what they might like. This will become your “go to” entertaining recipe that will not only please but will also impress your guests and make them feel special and loved by you.


Bonus Secret Weapon ingredient: Truffle oil. Shhhh!…

This is our secret weapon to eating more vegetables, no matter how you decide to cook them. Truffle oil has a low smoke point, so time it right and save it to use it and sneak it in as your secret weapon after your vegetables are cooked. Drizzle that bold rich flavor of Truffle oil on top of your warm vegetables.

Double BONUS Secret Weapon: Truffle salt. Double Shhhh!…,

Both of these SECRET Weapon gourmet ingredients need very little and go a long way. They are each a culinary investment that will excite your taste buds, wow your family and boldly impress the taste buds of your guests!

Note: The same healthy fat principles that we discuss in this article applies when you are selecting your truffle oil. As well as with your truffle salt, go with sea salt or any natural salt that is not highly processed.

Join the Discussion

Please comment and share with us how you impressed your tastebuds or those of your guests in minutes. What extra special touch did you add to your meal? And what did you do for yourself now that you created the luxury of extra time thanks to this Real Simple recipe?

Even better, share a picture of your creation by posting on your social media feeds and tagging #f4hEAT.

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