Kid-Tested, Kid-Approved Healthy Organic Treat

Our 5 year old son, Lucas,  is a “magician in the kitchen” and a creative boy with a sweet tooth constantly trying to come up with healthy ways to eat more sweets!  Lucas is also a boy so in love with his grandpa that he has been his grandpa's little shadow in the kitchen since the time he could walk.

You see, my Dad is a “magician in the kitchen” he always shadowed his mom (my grandmother) and learned how to create delicious, inexpensive, flavor-filled and nutritious meals from only the food they grew on their farm.

Family For Health is inspired from our history and family traditions.  Food, like in many families has been the center of celebration and an expression of love in my grandparents and parents generation.  It was healthy because they were mindfully eating real food.  And it wasn't until our convenience-driven generation, with an over supply and over commercialization of processed food, that we deviated from the tradition of real food and we got fat and sick as a result of it.

Fast forward to now…we are going back to our roots and family traditions and sharing with you how you too can bring back real food into your diet, celebrate with real food and be real happy and really healthy.

So check this out, with Lucas' “sweet” drive and creativity, he invented this healthy popsicle recipe while he was in a hotel room in Tucson, Arizona.  And he wants to share it with you and your children.

You see, like many children, and even parents on vacation, Lucas got it in his head that he wanted a sweet treat and he wanted ice-cream!  But, the hotel, like many hotels only sold the artificially-flavored, artificially-colored, preservative-filled kind of ice-cream.  But, that wasn't going to stop Lucas from having his ice-cream.

Don't you and your children get sweet cravings when you travel and you just don't stop until you get it?  (I know we usually crave the dark organic chocolate that we discuss in this article.)

Well, Lucas took 2 ingredients (organic bananas and our favorite bottled organic juice from from our hotel fridge and 2 simple items from the kitchen in the hotel and BAM! he came up with this Organic HEALTHY Popsicle recipe he wants to share with you and your children.

So gather the family around your computer screen and watch how SIMPLE it is to make Healthy Popsicles, even in a hotel room!

Note: Lucas helped film and direct his big sister Ella in this recipe video.  What little brother doesn't jump on the opportunity to boss, oops. I mean direct his big sister on a project?

Enjoy the video!

Spread the word and share with your friends and families.  More importantly, show your kids this video…Kids become inspired by seeing other kids do things…Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Please share in the comments below what the children in your life have made in the kitchen.


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