We are all bombarded and tempted by those “limited availability” Girl Scout Cookies.  And we want to support these cute Girl Scouts and their Troops.

I know how it is, especially because I have a sweet Girl Scout as a daughter. But, there have been too many years in the past where I found it WAY TO EASY to eat an entire box of Thin Mints by myself!

Even the name “Thin Mints” makes you want to eat the whole box.

They are thin, don't we want to feel thin when we eat cookies? And they have mint in them.  Isn't mint a healthy herb?  No & No!

And I know I am not alone in the Girl Scout cookie binging bandwagon, so I want to share with you the strategies I used to stop the Girl Scout cookie binging MADNESS.

 8 tips on How to NOT Eat The Entire Box of Girl Scout Cookies

1. Never open a box when you are alone

If you're alone with an opened box of Girl Scout cookies, there's no telling how many you will eat before stopping.

2. Always share the box with 15 other people

The boxes come with 16, serve them at a party, meeting, put them in the lunchroom at work.  Seriously, keep a few and give the rest away.

3. Gift them

The “thanks-a-lot” box is especially special for teachers, coaches, mail carriers, gardeners, anyone you would like.  You can even write them a note saying “thanks-a-lot”.  A hand-written note is always much appreciated!

4. Put a few cookies in goodie bags as party favors

This is a great way to say “thanks-a-lot” for coming to my birthday party!

5. Use a cookie as a Valentine

A “thanks-a-lot” for being my Valentine or “thanks-a-lot” for being my friend will make anyone smile.  It would also be a great companion for one of our Velentine's gift recommendations.

6. Pack a Thin Mint cookie in a goodie bag to pass out on St. Patricks Day

As you hand it out you can say or handwrite “We were MINT to be friends” Happy St. Patrick's Day! And the cookies are “green” tasting.

7. Purchase cookies to donate to the “Cookie Share” service project.

“Cookie Share is a Girl Scout community service project which allows girls the opportunity to sell virtual “Cookie Share” cookies that are distributed to our nation’s soldiers and local food banks. What a great way to help your Girl Scout Troop, Council and community!”

AND THE BONUS with this tip…All Cookie Share purchases are tax deductible. WIN WIN!

8. Just make a donation to the Girl Scouts and do not even take the cookies

No temptation if you don't even have the cookies nearby!

Bonus TIP: Cookies are on sale only for a limited time so, rest assured, there WILL be an END to the Girl Scout cookie temptations!

But, if you do decide to eat a few Girl Scout cookies, because life is good and healthy at 80%-20%, then enjoy each and every bite of that cookie.

I want you to look at that cookie and visually enjoy it, then smell that cookie and take in the sweet aroma, then take small bites and let all of the flavors bounce around on your tongue and I want you to enjoy every single little crumb of that cookie.

This exercise of mental awareness when you are eating Girl Scout cookies or any food will leave you more satisfied, satiated and happy that you will not need to mindlessly eat the entire box of Girl Scout cookies.

And, if you feel inclined to support the Girl Scouts, participate in the Cookie Share program for your 100% tax deductible – send me a message and I will email you a link from our daughter's troop!  🙂


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