Santa Kabobs were the hit for Christmas

Santa Kabob
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Upon reviewing our Christmas creations in the kitchen, we decided that the Santa Kabob was one of our favorites.  It was so easy to make, the kids made them all.  We took some to of all our Christmas celebrations and they were a hit at all of the gatherings.

What is a Santa Kabob, you might ask?  It's simply fruit and a marshmallow on a skewer and the end product looks like Santa Claus.

Lucas and Ella wanted to make a video to show how easy it was to make.  So below is their demonstration.  And below that is the list of ingredients.

Next Christmas, when you're looking for something easy to make for a Christmas gathering, give this recipe a shot.  In fact, have your kids make it and they will feel like the bomb at the party as everyone comments on how awesome their creations are!

Ingredient List

  • 1 small marshmallow
  • 1 strawberry without the stem
  • 1 slice of banana
  • 1 green grape
  • 1 long skewer stick
  • Optional – lemon juice to keep banana from browning

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