It's Family Friday and I have a quick Autumn Treat for you and your family.

A homemade Pumpkin Spice Smoothie you can have for breakfast, snack or as a dessert.  Emphasis on dessert if you add all ingredients because even though there is natural sugar in this drink, you still need to make the best choice for you, especially if you are going to follow a low sugar impact diet.

Don't you just fall for those Pumpkin Spice drinks that places offer because they know that you will likely buy since it will remind you of the start of a new season?  A cooler season that kick starts the Holidays?  It may still even be 90 degrees where you live but you pine for the cooler weather and holiday spices that come with it.

You want the pumpkin spice whatever so badly!  Especially because they're only available for a LIMITED time.

You should have it…if you want it!

However, try this healthier option for your pumpkin spice drink cravings without buying all of the artificial colors, flavors and loads of sugar:

A REAL Pumpkin Spice beverage 


  • 1 Scoop of Vanilla Chai Spice Protein Powder like this one
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 2 tbsp of pumpkin puree like this one that is organic and in BPA Free packaging
  • 1/2 c ice
  • 1 banana (omit if you want to cut back on the sugar impact).


  1. Blend in a blender or Vitamix.
  2. sprinkle with cinnamon on top.

Enjoy and savor every sip of your pumpkin spice smoothie without the guilt or unhealthy effects on your body.

Get in the spirit of the Fall Season with this drink while you read this and this.  While you're at it, share this recipe with your friends to be a part of the “Pay it Forward in Health” movement to help Families get healthier Fast!

What are some ways that you incorporate healthier pumpkin spice “something” into your Autumn menu?  We would love to hear! And in sharing in the comments, you are inspiring other families!

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