My thyroid, hypothyroid problem IS definitely and without a doubt making me fat, flabby, and exhausted!

On this Mommy Monday, I'm confessing. I admit that having a healthy thyroid is a fine balancing act.

Sometimes as a mother/entrepreneur/health revolutionary, my life is balanced on a tight rope and it is really easy to lose balance. I could easily, with a slight breeze of wind, just fall down.

I eat healthy! Still, the fat and flabby belly has been creeping up on me. Plus, I'm just so tired by only 3:00 pm. Thank you hypothyroid problem.

Ok, so maybe I can't blame my thyroid completely.

I can, however, blame my choices that are affecting my thyroid problem like:

  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • lack of rest and relaxation
  • lack of ME time!

Did you notice? Not one of these had anything to do with diet or exercise; and they ARE what's making me fat and flabby!

I am sharing these “confessions of a health coach” to help you.

You may have a thyroid problem and not even know it.  Or, maybe you are aware but diet, exercise, and medication have not alleviated the symptoms. Everything you try seems like its keeping you from feeling and looking your best.

You are not alone. I took some time for mommies everywhere to support my friend Jen Wittman with her work and mission as a Thyroid Expert. Actually, both Michael and I took some time and appeared as expert speakers in her “Your Best Thyroid Life” series.

This free video series features 28 health experts dedicated to helping you with simple and practical solutions for your thyroid symptoms, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory conditions. Our segment is called: “How To Shake Your Family’s Sugar Addiction“. You can see what other experts speak about when you read till the end.

I did this expert interview for you, my fellow mommies, because I love working to bring you the best, cutting-edge health and wellness information. I want you to be the first to know about “Your Best Thyroid Life” – and don't forget it's free!

So yes, I share this confession and solution, as an action to create balance in my life; and in my thyroid. I will gain more energy, get fit, and just get my glow back so I can get more done!

Recently, I posted a thought on Instagram: Pause. . . . Take a break to do more. It's time for me to hire a staff so that I can pause. . . . . take a break.

Taking on some ME time will help me relax and focus on bringing you even MORE information to help your family get healthy fast.

Wondering if you have a thyroid problem?

Take Jen's Free Quiz by clicking here to get a FREE personal thyroid healing profile report.

Wondering how to get help with your thyroid problem and start reversing symptoms today?

Sign up to watch “Your Best Thyroid Life” video expert interviews.  Jen Wittman, created this new resource to get you practical strategies you need to manage thyroid symptoms and autoimmune disease in your carefully balanced life. Don't forget I’m a featured health expert, with my husband, talking about sugar addiction!

Just wait until you see the expert speakers and bonus gifts!  The thyroid meal plan and cookbook Jen put together for you looks delish!

Sign up to reserve your seat NOW!
Jen, myself and Michael, and almost 30 other health experts, clear up the overwhelming confusion and break down exactly what works in the real world to get healthier FAST!

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Your Best Thyroid Life Video Series


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