Get lost in the moment!
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Get lost in the moment!

It’s the weekend and it’s time to have fun! What are you up to this weekend? Have any plans for family, fitness, faith and/or fun?  We strive to hit all 4 every weekend and usually start with fun on Friday and wrap up with faith on Sunday.  If you are like us, every Friday you are doing the happy dance and singing (TGIF) Thank God it’s Fri…day! Thank God it’s Fri…day (insert any funky tune of your choice) and visualize any funky dance moves of choice. Why not just take a minute and stop – “Hammer time”…. join in with me and dance.  I would encourage you to hop up out of your seat, look at yourself in the mirror and shake your booty. Do the dance, do your happy dance, look at yourself and enjoy looking at yourself.  Look at and enjoy your happy dance moves, your funky dance moves, your silly dance moves.  Don’t stop, keep going, keep dancing, keep singing.  Let yourself go.  It’s just you and the mirror.  Have fun! And if you want, put some music on and keep on dancing keep on having fun.

I really do hope you just tried this with me, even if you just took a minute to do a happy dance in your chair in front of your computer.  You can wiggle your booty in your chair, you can move your shoulders, put our hands over your head and dance even if you are still sitting down.  And if you are not alone, perhaps you are in a coffee shop or library right now. NO problem, just sing your happy TGIF song in your head and rock out in your head.  You can nod your head up and down, even if you move ever so slightly you are dancing and rocking out from within and in your head without anyone knowing it.  You are still able to participate in my little exercise.  Yes, this just became an exercise!  A little exercise of fun for you. We just took a few baby steps towards a healthier you.  You just helped release some serotonin, aka “happy hormones”.  On a side note, serotonin is not actually a hormone, rather a neurotransmitter, and helps us to feel relaxed, happy and confident among other things.  Check out's article on feeling awesome without drugs!

What ever your plans are for the weekend. Enjoy them to the fullest.  Enjoy your time with family and friends, enjoy some fitness whether my little dance exercise was it or you will be going for a walk or having a good workout.  Enjoy and by the end of the weekend express your faith, enjoy your faith, build some faith, whether it be in your self or, hopefully, in a higher power as well. And to wrap it up, have fun. Enjoy every minute of this gift called life.

We would love to hear what you plan to do this weekend to live a healthier version of yourself.    Please come back and share!

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Elaine De Santos

Wife & Mommy | Transformational Nutrition Coach | Lifestyle Entrepreneur at Family For Health
I am a wife who loves falling in love with her husband over and over again! I am a stay-at-home mommy to a sweet girl with a big heart and an energetic boy with a zest for life.

I’m addicted to cooking real foods and shopping locally at Farmer’s Markets.I am a health revolutionary who is writing this blog with a desire to “pay it forward in health”.This desire stems from love and my pursuit to make a difference in people’s health and wellbeing”.

I am a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach that helps women discover their healthy lifestyle that finally works so that they can transform into the healthy sexy and confident woman they want, and are meant to be.

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