It's NOT about your willpower!

Aren't you relieved to hear that losing weight is NOT about will power?  Whew!

Ok, so what's finally losing weight require from you other than EAT-ing healthier and MOVE-ing more?  How do you finally stick to that healthy lifestyle you've always dreamed of having without getting frustrated and going crazy obsessing over what you eat?

It's about finding YOUR WHY and YOU WILL succeed and achieve your health and weight loss goals.

How do you find your WHY?

Here's an example of how I help coach my clients through Transformational Nutrition:

Client Resolution: Lose weight.

I ask WHY and they answer until I help them discover their REAL WHY.

Try asking yourself why you want to lose weight.

Why? To lose 15 pounds

Why? To look and feel hot

Why? To buy smaller clothes and to look and feel hot everyday

Fast forward the coaching discussion… and you narrow down to your specific & REAL Why?

Real WHY? example: To finally stop hiding my body with baggy clothes, be the hot mom at school pick up that every mom wants to stop and say hi to, to look hotter than the girls that teased me in high school at my high school reunion and to have plenty of energy every day to sit and play with my kids and still have plenty of energy when I see my husband to drive him even closer to me with my body and love.

You get the picture.  The more specific and deeper meaning behind WHY you want to lose weight, is what will motivate you and just magnetize you to EAT.MOVE.BE healthier to finally lose weight.

You see, it's not the lack of will power that drives you to eat the whole bag of chips.  It's the fact that you don't have the clarity and connection with your WHY.

Because when you have a deep emotional connection with your WHY, you WILL…

You WILL eat healthier and will naturally get pulled towards the choices that fall in line with your WHY.

Now, what is your WHY???

Take your time and really think about it.

And if you want help, I am happy to help you find your WHY so YOU WILL…. this YEAR.

Contact me here for your complimentary 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.

I have limited availability for new 1-on-1 clients but helping you through Transformational Nutrition Coaching Methods is part of my WHY.  And it truly makes me happy when I can help and celebrate YOU.  Because through Transformational Nutrition my clients not only lose weight and reach their health goals but they discover their WHY for their life that helps make their dreams come true!  Contact me here


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I’m addicted to cooking real foods and shopping locally at Farmer’s Markets.I am a health revolutionary who is writing this blog with a desire to “pay it forward in health”.This desire stems from love and my pursuit to make a difference in people’s health and wellbeing”.

I am a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach that helps women discover their healthy lifestyle that finally works so that they can transform into the healthy sexy and confident woman they want, and are meant to be.

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