You are the CEO of your home!

At the very least, running your household and daily family schedule can feel like running a major corporate company right?

I'm with you on that! Though you love your family, it can be hard to get them to connect or even help out around the house?  And you can't fire them.

But, what if, on this Family Friday, I shared with you one simple way that a super-productive and super-successful company is taking on an easy strategy to increase productivity and happiness?  Wouldn't you be be super interested in applying this simple strategy into your home?


Mindvalley's Love Week is a Global Movement to increase corporate productivity but you can bring it into your home to help your family:

  • BE happier
  • BE more productive
  • BE more connected

Why Love Week?

Studies show that people who are happy at their jobs are more productive and that people with more social connections at work were happier and therefore more loyal and productive at their jobs. So, a few years ago, Mindvalley came up with and tested “Love Week” to increase productivity and to make Mindvalley the happiest place and the BEST place to work at.

Here is what Huffpost Business says about Mindvalley's Love Week and here's how their CEO is like you:

“This (Love Week) energizes the entire company to be giving and receiving kindness and love all week long. Founder and CEO Vishen Lakhiani is on a mission to transform the way we do things and Mindvalley is his playground to test out new ideas before he shares them. Their culture is certainly one worth taking notice.”

– Huffpost Business

Your home is your play ground and your family doesn't always play nice.  So you test out the best tips, tricks, hacks, time outs, you name it!  Well now,  you can save yourself a lot of tireless testing and time and ride the wave that Vishen is sharing with you and your family.

The best CEO's have similar lifestyle strategies.  And don't you just find yourself wanting their lifestyles sometimes?  They all look like they have the most fun and happiest playgrounds?  Richard Branson, you always see him on a fun adventure; Oprah, always giving her favorite things away; and Vishen Lakhiani, giving that “lovin feeling”.

These top class CEO's all live their daily lives with acts of giving, gratitude and kindness to their employees and it spreads out into the world around them.  Can't you still hear the echo's of “You get a car, YOU get a car, and YOU GET A CAR!!!”?

Okay, we all can't give away cars but you can still have that thrilling, fulfilling and energizing feeling.

Michael and I recently met Vishen Lakhiani, Founder and CEO of Mindvalley, and we got that “lovin feeling”.  We immediately connected with Vishen's energy and his business strategies and immediately thought of you –  The CEO of your family.

You might want more happiness and productivity and connection in your home. Why not want lots more of that “lovin feeling”?!!

It was in one single and simple moment that we fell in love with Vishen's live presentation and business strategy because he said exactly what families want to hear…  “This (Love Week) works for families.”  Ah, don't you LOVE IT!!!

What is Love Week?

According to Mindvalley: “It's the warm and fuzzy feelings of Valentines and Secret Santa put together, x 100.”

It works like this: You have a family meeting and each person draws a name and for the 5 days leading up to Valentines Day (February 9-13). You are a “Secret Angel” to the family member that you draw!

What is a “Secret Angel?”

You do acts of giving; acts of kindness; and acts of gratitude for your “Secret Angel” family member.

  • Leave a love letter in their lunch box or in their car
  • Put a thank you note on a post-it and post it on their mirror
  • Slip a secret message under their bedroom door
  • Do a chore for them
  • Cook your secret angel's favorite food and tell them it was exactly what you were in the mood for so they don't suspect it's you
  • Offer the last piece, the last bite of your favorite food to your secret angel just say you're full so they don't suspect it's you
  • Play your secret angel's favorite game with them while you're completely present in the moment sharing happy energy
  • Surprise them with a flower from your garden
  • Collaborate with another family member and have them serenade your secret angel
  • What else can you think of…???  This list is endless and you now have Love Week to take the time to DO them.

Do anything you know will help your “Secret Angel” and will make them happy.  And enjoy that “lovin feeling'” that your family will naturally experience.  And BE happier, BE more connected, BE more productive and you will enjoy a healthier home.

Watch Mindvalley's video here for all of the details on Love Week and do not reveal your “Secret Angel” until love week is over on Valentines Day!

Share this article to #SpreadLoveWeek and comment below on what LOVE WEEK act you plan to do for your family member.  Your comment can help #SpreadLoveWeek to other families!

And don't forget to show the world how much love you are spreading.  Share photos of your Love Week experience on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #SpreadLoveWeek and #FamilyForHealth – See more on LOVE WEEK here.

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