Why Mama's need maca?

Do you ever feel like saying, “You're making me crazy”??!!!

Well then, you're gonna love hearing about the superfood called MACA.

Maca is a potent superfood root that has been prized for centuries by indigenous cultures due to its ability to nourish, increase stamina, boost libido and combat fatigue.

=> Maca helps balance your hormones when you feel like you're being too ‘hormonal' and it's making you crazy!

=> Maca helps you when you feel like the energy has been sucked out of you and your lack of energy is making you crazy!

How to eat it?

Sneak it into your diet.  Put a teaspoon in your morning smoothie. Maca can have a sweet yet strong nutty flavor but this reflects it's benefits for sure.  It's Crazy cool!

 The maca taste mixes well with cacao and fruit like in my Chocolate Chip Whip recipe

Try maca in almost anything!

Try maca in your smoothie, non-dairy yogurt, chia pudding, avocado pudding, you can even put it in your chocolate candies.

All of these recipes are in our  FREE “Practically Sugar Free Dessert Cook Book”.

These low sugar, gluten free dessert recipes are ones the whole family will love and you can easily sneak a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon into your guilt free dessert serving and keep working yourself up to 1 teaspoon a day or even 1 tablespoon a day if you really need it.

Just START and use nature's stress busting, energy boosting and hormone balancing Super food and enjoy it's health benefits!

Maca is a nutrient dense superfood that comes from a root and it's nature's Viagra because it is a stress fighting adaptogen to help increase stamina, boost libido, and combat fatigue. Just what every parent needs and WANTS!

 “Maca Powder is loaded with nutritious vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant sterols, including vitamins B1, B2, B, C, D, E, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, selenium, phosphorous and calcium.  It's a fiber-rich food and a good source of plant protein (about 10%). ” – Navitas Naturals

But, can I tell you again that it's a a stress fighting adaptogen to help increase stamina, boost libido, and combat fatigue!

Adaptogens balance and restore the body when it's fighting stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and even toxins.  It means that maca actually adjusts to your body.  It allows your body to take the right amount of health benefits from the maca it needs to restore balance in your body.

I tell ya, it's the thing you need when you've just had it and you feel like “something” is making you crazy!

So, all mama's could use a little itty bit of that special “it” thing but how do you get your hands on nature's Viagra?

You joke about it, but sometimes you do need a little something, something.

But, this is no joke and nothing is wrong with you, you're just parents!

You work so hard to provide for your family and raising kids takes stamina and sucks the energy right out of you sometimes. Totally normal!

No need to be embarrassed. Leave that to me! I was TOTALLY embarrassed to do this video but it's my public service announcement for parents.

I am not a doctor. I don't even try to play one on TV. You may think I'm silly for being embarrassed but I wish someone told me about this natural superfood sooner!

Notice, it was hard for me to look at the camera and I give a nervous giggle and even read off the label. But the information you need is here without you needing a prescription to fix a problem because there is nothing wrong with you. You're just parents!

Your all natural energy and hormone boosting Maca video is here:


You still need to hear from a doctor about maca?

Check out my friend, Dr. Sara Gottfried, a fellow mama and Harvard trained doctor here on Why Mood Boosting Maca is a Girls Best Friend

I get all my hormone balancing questions answered from Dr. Sara.  She saves me when I'm feeling crazy!  And when my hormones are balanced I feel like one hot mama. Thank you maca and Dr. Sara 😉

Where can you get “some” MACA powder like Navitas Naturals? :

Today: Whole Foods, Mothers Market, Sprouts, your local health food store

Discounted and Delivered to your door: Thrive Market (This is like a Whole Foods at Costco Prices, free shipping)

And of course on Amazon Prime with free shipping  HERE

If you forget and think what was that stress fighting Superfood Elaine told me about… Think, sometimes “You Maca me crazy” that way you'll remember the name!

Still want more recipes you can sneak maca into? Get your FREE ITN Community Cook book NOW! 😉

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