It's Mommy Monday and I'm here for YOU….!

I'm a mommy, and with my family, we're on a mission for you and your family.


Because I care and I know that you do to!

Sadly, statistics today show that our generation of children are not expected to out live their parent's lifespan.

Our way of feeding our families has got to change and together we can do that!

But, please do not click on the video below if you think to get your family healthier requires

  • dieting/starving yourself, or
  • restricting your kids from enjoying dessert, or
  • too much time in the gym or in the kitchen, or
  • money only rich people have or
  • too much effort to get your family healthier!

This is a new way, the REAL way to get your busy families healthier fast.  Simple shifts for immediate impact make for permanent change.  It makes a difference to EAT.MOVE.BE Together!

So, please click on the video link below and join the family, Family For Health, in the MOVEMENT to help change the world through helping busy families get healthier fast and with your help WE CAN DO THIS for YOU, your FAMILY, your Family's Family and for Families all over the world!

Leave a comment if you are going to join the movement for a healthier family and brighter future for all our children!

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Elaine De Santos

Wife & Mommy | Transformational Nutrition Coach | Lifestyle Entrepreneur at Family For Health
I am a wife who loves falling in love with her husband over and over again! I am a stay-at-home mommy to a sweet girl with a big heart and an energetic boy with a zest for life.

I’m addicted to cooking real foods and shopping locally at Farmer’s Markets.I am a health revolutionary who is writing this blog with a desire to “pay it forward in health”.This desire stems from love and my pursuit to make a difference in people’s health and wellbeing”.

I am a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach that helps women discover their healthy lifestyle that finally works so that they can transform into the healthy sexy and confident woman they want, and are meant to be.

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