The Best Summers Ever

Running through endless rows of corn fields, pulling onions out of the dirt, the warm sun on my face and the earth giving off a buzz of energy that I could hear and feel run through my body, but didn't really know what it was.

Those were my annual summer memories from as early as I could make a memory until college.

Every summer, since the year I was born, my family would visit and work on my grandparent’s farm in Central Mexico for the summer.

We would work hard all day but always woke up early because we just wanted MORE!

There was endless energy and some kind of high that was felt.

Everything was organic, pasture raised, loved and highly appreciated.

There was a tremendous respect for the earth and the animals.

And there was a huge amount of gratitude from the food we received from them.

I didn't realize it until recently, that this “high” was a high vibrational frequency that the earth and animals were giving off as my grandparents reciprocated that energy with their love, care, and appreciation.

This high vibrational frequency was a cycling energy on the farm that couldn't help but rub off on me.

The foods we didn't grow, we would buy at the open air markets.

Those markets too had a buzz of energy you could feel as vendor's sat proudly behind their produce, fanning flies away with cardboard and proclaiming what they had to sell as, “

“How may I serve you?
“What can I help you find?”

And if they didn't have the produce you needed they enthusiastically pointed you to the fellow vendor that did.

This high vibrational frequency / energy keeps cycling and moving through us all the time, as long as we do not block it.

In college, when I got married, and then first had children, I could no longer feel a buzz of energy from my food because I numbed that feeling of that high vibrational energy food with processed food.

Processed food is “dead food”.  It has a low vibrational frequency.

But high vibrational frequency in things and in people is such a strong force that it cannot be helped but felt.

Every year, even when I was in college, then married with my husband, we continued to visit Central Mexico in the summer.

But then, our visits were only a week long instead of all summer and it was only to visit my grandfather in the city because he had sold the farm due to my grandmother’s death and his age.

Even though our visits were no longer to the farm, we continued to buy all of the freshest food at open-air markets.

There was no need for processed foods, we just ate what was in season because it was so fresh and abundant and had the highest vibrational frequency.

I'm so grateful for these summer memories of eating the freshest mood boosting, high vibrational frequency foods.

And now, I realize that these summer food memories helped me finally ditch the processed food and makes me addicted to open air farmers markets instead.

My grandfather has since passed, we had children and we no longer travel to Mexico.

But, everywhere we travel, I always make a visit to their local Farmer's markets

Orange County, LA, San Diego, San Franciso, Hawaii WHERE EVER we are we visit a farmers market by searching or even Yelp.

Not only do I LOVE buying from the farmers but I'll be that lady that's speaking to farmers in Spanish and wishing them the best with lots of sales for their prized produce.

My grandparents used to ALWAYS say that to their fellow farmers and it's their energy that I keep wanting to pass along.

I feel like I want to repay the farmers and repay the earth for that high vibrational frequency buzz and love I always felt each summer from my grandparents and their farm.

I want my kids to have this MOOD BOOST to, so they can continue to spread the high vibrational frequency “good vibes” with others too!

Here we are “Gleaning for God” at The Orange County Great Park with our Church

New Food Memories

Sometimes, eating fresh foods that are in season means I buy produce I've never tried before or don't know what to do with it.

That's why I was thrilled to collaborate in The Casual Veggie Cookbook where you can see everyday recipes for (almost) every veggie.

Each veggie gets it's own chapter with fun details about how it's grown, helpful tips to buy the best ones, keep them fresh, and prepare them properly. Go ahead and buy that weird veggie at the farmer's market – we've got you covered!

The cookbook is veggie centered without adhering to any particular diet. Veggies are important in our diets no matter what else we serve with them. The cookbook features vegan and vegetarian recipes as well as paleo, classic American, southern, and so much more.

Want to see who some of the other contributing authors are and what their favorite summer food memory is?

These ladies are GREAT, so hop on over and visit them:

Treble in the Kitchen, Red and Blue Berry Thyme Zucchini Cornbread + Casual Veggie Cookbook


Where Is My Spoon, Romanian Strawberry Foam

The Casual Veggie Cookbook Unlimited Updates

Veggies aren't just for summer or just for dinner! The cookbook includes breakfast, lunch, snack, appetizers, dinner, and even desserts all featuring the 29 most popular veggies.

And you get free, lifetime updates! That's the true beauty of digital. When we update the cookbook with new storage tips, updated nutrition information, extra recipes, or new veggie chapters – you'll receive the updated copy for free!

What is your favorite Summer Food Memory? I'd love to hear about it!

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