Cooking is the last thing!

It's Mommy Monday and the last thing you want to do is cook.

It's great that it's Motivational Monday and all, but sometimes your just too tired from your jam-packed weekend that no amount of motivation can get you in the kitchen at 5:01pm!

You overdid it a little this weekend and you know you want to start getting back on track with a healthy Monday night dinner. But, your weekend social calendar didn't leave room for meal prep and you don't have Pete's Paleo in the freezer.

So what do you do?  (Well, for one, you can skip down to the bottom and watch the video below for some quick inspiration.)

Quick fix:

Get your kids in the kitchen!

The positive side effects of being a healthier family is that even your children start caring more about what they eat and end up learning how to cook.

No future Top Ramen dependent college kids in your family!!!

Today, we have a Motivational Monday kid cooking video because sometimes (wink!) kids don't listen to adults but they watch and listen to other kids.

Kids that watch the Family For Health TV kid videos tell their parents, “oh, that's easy… I can do that!” Or “I want to make that.”

Or we hear parents say, “oh, if a kid can do that, I can squeeze that into my busy day to get my family healthier”.

Check out the video below where our 6-year old prepares a tasty prosciutto appetizer for dinner!  The whole thing was his creation and his dancing indicates just how proud he was of his preparation.

Stick around after the first minute in the video where he shares the recipe and directions, in hope of inspiring your kids to do the same.

Let us know what you think and what other instructional videos you would like to see.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Lucas' Magician in the Kitchen Video Series where he provides a series of exclusive videos for you and your family to be make.  Click here to get instant access!

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