The Fat Battle: Good Fats and Bad Fats

Yes, you heard me right…there ARE good fats that our body and brain need to lose weight and think straight!

Once our family was able to let go of our low-fat diet, we had to learn to embrace good quality fats. Quite frankly, this was a long journey of going back and forth because we had the low-fat diet so ingrained in us.  But once we lost weight eating good fats, we were convinced!

Here's the Skinny on the Fats:

  1. Good fats are found in nature and are minimally processed fat
  2. Bad fats are man-made processed and refined

It's THAT simple…I've just saved you a ton of time of research.  But, if you want to learn more, keep reading…

If you are eating a Standard American Diet, you are probably eating bad fats and don’t even know it. We didn’t! We believed the heart healthy labels on our fats and we didn’t want to eat fat because we thought that was making us fat.  But, the truth is these bad fats cause inflammation and are easily or already damaged fats.  And damaged fats that are rancid due to heat or other issues, hydrogenated or refined are bad fats we must avoid! ” According to science and a quote from  JJ Virgin's Book, The Virgin Diet:

Damaged fats change the structure of your cell walls and make you more resistant to the messages from hormones, including insulin and leptin, setting you up to PUT ON WEIGHT AND KEEP IT ON.

And there you go.  Our #1 incentive to ditch the bad fats.  Come on and please join me NOW to ditch the bad fats my friends.   Here's what you need to ditch:

Here is a list of some commonly used bad fats:

  • Margarine
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Corn oil
  • Canola oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Shortening made from any of the above
  • Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated anything

Why are these fats bad when they sound good for you?

How can these be bad fats since their names start with words that sound healthy for us, like vegetable, sunflower or grapeseed? If you just ate real vegetables, sunflower seeds and grapes, yes those are very good for you. But, their oils or oils named after them are not. These foods do not have the moisture needed to extract their oils naturally and in order to turn them into an oil, they are “industrially” manufactured and refined so you get a fake food…Not a real food.  AND, the majority of these come from GMO crops, especially corn and soybean!  Furthermore, these oxidize in the presence of light, air or heat.  So, just between the GMO and early oxidation, these oils can harm your body and make you fat!

Some nutritionist and bloggers we follow call these “Frankenfoods” foods that are GMO Genetically Modified Organisms and from Frankenstein, alluding to their unnatural origin.

Would you rather eat a Frankenfood or real food instead?

Frankenfoods are like toxins in our bodies that are so far from food’s natural/real form that our bodies can’t even digest them well enough.  After accumulation, Frankenfoods causes chaos and illness in our bodies. This is why, when making a food choice, you should ask yourself, “Would my grandparents or great-grandparents recognize this food” If not, don’t eat it. We try to eat what our great-grandparents ate which is REAL FOOD not Frankenfood.

What are good fats?

Here is a table identifying the good fats and bad fats…substitute one for another, have fun with it!

Good Fats for Hot Uses Good Fats for Cold Uses
coconut oil olive oil
butter/ghee (clarified butter) sesame oil
lard avocado oil
chicken/beef/duck/pork fat (including bacon grease) walnut oil
full-fat dairy macadamia nut oil
palm oil raw nuts and seeds (including nut butters, but avoid peanuts)
eggs and meat *Avoid damaging these fats by using too much heat.

These are naturally occurring fats that are minimally processed. Most of these fats make up what our grandparents grew up eating – Real fat!

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Our favorite Coconut oil available from Tropical traditions. If you order, you will receive a free book, “Virgin Coconut Oil” about how coconut oil can change your life! Click here on the picture for a direct link.

But, you do need to note the specific “hot and cold uses” I indicated above. Why? If Olive oil is good for you why not use it all the time in every food we eat?

All fats and oils have a smoking point and upon reaching that temperature, they become easily damaged and oxidize which would then make them a good fat that is bad for you because you destroyed it’s natural capability to nourish as a real food.

Just because we can’t taste that the Olive oil we sautéed our vegetables in has gone bad, it has.

So, just be careful when cooking with any fat and oil. And in the case of Olive oil, sprinkle it on your salad.

What was our first step towards eating good fats?

  • We ditched all of the items on the bad fats list
  • We switched to Olive oil for no-heat uses, such as salads.
  • We switched to coconut oil for high-heat uses, such as sautéing.
  • We switched to grass-fed butter.  This was the easiest switch for the kids.  We recommend Kerrygold as it is readily available.

I leave you with this challenge…

Try ditching the bad fats and embracing the good fats! You will taste, see and feel a difference.  Your food will taste more delicious and be more nutritious, your jeans will fit better and your brain will be sharper!
Please come back and share how you've ditched and switched!

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